Porn reupload Journey – road to 10,000 chaturbate registrations

I’ve been using porn reupload method for 4,5 month. I’ve got 1600 regs in total. My earnings is still pretty shitty (over $100). To be honest, I did not upload many videos (300 video roughly). I decided to create this thread to motivate myself.
My plan:
Upload 5 videos a day on 6 sites (xvideos, pornhub, youporn, youjizz, redtube…)
I already bought 5 proxies.
My goal:
10,000 registrations till the end of this year and earn at least $5000. (8400 registrations left).

Just joined

Just joined the forum and am looking forward to striking up some sort of partnership/money making opportunity

If anyone needs help with anything let me know

Else, have a good day

ranking question

probably a noob question, but from what i have been learning last days, a slow but sure method would be building 5-6-7-….-X blogs, all unrelated, all on same niche, better all your own godaddy domain and wordpress, rather than Wix, alnd then linking …

I’m not a newbie to this forum

Hi all,

I’m janets. I’m not a newbie affiliate marketer. As you know from my profile I’m a member since Oct 2010.

I was very active with affiliate maketing till 2012 or so with my own products at CB. But I sold them now. I want to start afresh…I know most of the techniques back then have now become obsolete!

I know how to design websites. I’m willing to work. Anyone need to design their websites, get in touch.