Long Distance free Wi-Fi 25km + Email opt-in

(Up to 25 KILOMETER range!

I live in Safaga Egypt, i Sorry for my bad englis
I have this idee for a longtime, to make advertising, email optin, on a free wifi 25km distanc,
let me explane, everybody wants free internet 30 min free internet for your em…

Instagram Geo Targeted Indonesia

Hallo, i am looking for supplier Instagram Followers Real active and Likes from Indonesia. I have panel in my country but still using WW service. I already searching on current supplier in here but no one can provide Indonesian Service. If you have tha…

Recent FL (followliker) issues

Is anyone else seeing a ton of new errors/issues with FL recently?

I’ve been keeping an eye on BHW over the past week but I’m not seeing any real threads on straighforward issues… more alternatives to other services getting shut down.

I’ve got a few accounts getting errors. (before last week, everything was smooth as butter)

Anyone else seeing problems on their side?

Is this normal for an ad network in regards to payment

I am not saying my site is good or even gets many visit, but after many days I have over 1000 impressions and 7 clicks on those ads and my money is still $0.00

I think to myself that surely something has to be wrong here, surely this isn’t normal.
I mean let’s give them the crazy benefit of the doubt and assume that on the 8th ad click my money goes to $0.01 (I doubt it will). Even in that case it would take 800 clicks to earn $1.

Also on the site it says you get paid for both CPC and…

Is this normal for an ad network in regards to payment

How many pbn site’s per day?

So I want to make a ton of PBN sites for my money site, but I don’t want to over do it, how many PBN’s can I make per day with links to my money site? Should I make one per day? 2? 3? what do you guys think

(Adult) HELP! How to make money from 2.5 Million video views?

I started Adrian’s webcam porn reuploading method about a year ago (I know that thread has now been closed and some people said it was just a scam to push his hosting affiliate stuff, I already had hosting so it only cost me $1 for a cheapo domain).

Anyways I never made any real money from it expect one revshare for $0.03 HA! And I let the domain expire.

But I check the porn tube account every now and then, last time I checked it was up to a million views, just checked it now and it’s up…

(Adult) HELP! How to make money from 2.5 Million video views?

How to get articles about me published in websites

Hey Everybody, I’m a filmmaker and I need to have some articles about me published in websites related to filmmaking and art. How do you think i can achieve that ? Are there communities that provide these services in bulk ? Should I scrape for emails and just keep emailing webmasters ?
PS : I’m not sure this is the right place to post this thread. If it isn’t feel free to move to the appropriate category.
Thank you

Someone keeps stealing my snapchats, How though?

I’m a girl who posts live naughty snapchats on my account, and direct people to my website. I always write over the pics and videos with my brand name.
However someone has been stealing my snapchats, and removing all the text and uploading all of my story to theirs and telling them to go to their site. It looks as though it is live and doesn’t say it is from camera roll either.

Can anyone tell me what app or programme they could be using to do this?
Thanks you can also inbox me.
Any help…

Someone keeps stealing my snapchats, How though?