Beware with Godaddy domain auctions.

I am very disappointed. I just won an auction on Godaddy for a domain name, paid for the full cost ( added taxes + almost 20 bucks to register the domain among other things ) and waited for 30 minutes to see the domain on my control panel .


paypal problem

Hi all

I am trying to create a PayPal account but when I entered the mobile number they say that my mobile number is incorrect. ????

I am not from US.

Can you help me please


Does hosting location matters?

So far, I’ve used only hosting from the US. However, in the past 3 months, I switched to hosting in Canada and noticed that my website is not ranked for but ranked for Google Canada. What if I used a web hosting located in Bulgaria? Will my website ranked for Google Bulgaria only but not other locations?

Some questions related to Genesis…

For the first time I’m using the genesis theme on one of my websites…
I tried to change the font size by editing the CSS in the theme editor… But even after making the change, the changes don’t take affect and the text size stays as it is….
Does anyone know how to solve this issue??
Thanks in advance

Paying off Business Expenses

Hey guys, I use credit cards to pay for my business expenses. However, I find myself not paying the entire balance. So I have credit card debt. As of now I rather have cash flow for my business. In some of my FB groups people tell me they pay their 10K FB adverting bill off right away.

If I start paying off my cards every month I wouldn’t have much cash flow. Do you think must business owners pay off their debt like they say they do every month and have zero debt?