Like Jacking Ninja

A lot of people purchased “The Advanced FB Page Like Jacker” that costs 147$
It’s expensive and work only about 2 weeks
Anyone ask for refund or opened a dispute in Paypal?

New Member!

Good Afternoon All!

I am new to the forum but not to this website, I have ghosted the forum for a while and operate a few web businesses, I am here because I have never really felt like I am killing it online in web business and I have seen a lot of a…

Software or script that opens website for 30secs from a list

I have a list of 100,000 URls that I want to open in a browser window for 30 seconds. I’m not bothered about proxies. It just has to register with the analytics on that site/URl.

i.e. I enter the list somewhere and the program opens that URl for 30 seconds, closes it, then moves on to the next one in the list until the list is finished.


Someone is farming BHW accounts…

Someone is farming BHW accounts…

Real traffic?

I am looking for a verified networks that would give real traffic not bots , To generate tech calls . I am looking to invest 1k $ per day , Any suggestion were I don’t burn my money rather get some great traffic . What networks straightaway approves tech support landing pages ?