How in the hell are they doing this???

So, I stumbled upon what appears to be a stupid simple social media method for generating traffic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been extensively discussed here before, but I have no idea what to call it. The reason I’m posting, as the title suggests, is that I’m confused on how exactly the person responsible for this is pulling this off.


As you can see in the picture above, it’s quite simple: share an image that tells users to add…

How in the hell are they doing this???

Keywordstuffing is dead? Not Really

Still believe keywordstuffing doesnt work?
Well, it doesnt for niches with competitions.
But works nicely in low comp niches, when competitors dont target keyword with excact anchors, or got weak backlinks or none to pages containing the keywords.

so feel free to write your articles and post some “additional” kws at the end.
oh, you can forget about getting the main kw to #1, but many of the others pop into the serps.

KW lined up at end of article:…

Keywordstuffing is dead? Not Really

Scariest movie suggestions?

Sup twigs-n-berries,

Just bored to tears and needed some good horror movie suggestions. Something to really get me shaking under my blankets in abject terror.

Please nothing about witches or psychics in any way, shape or form – that just pisses me of…

I buy a namecheap domain but what next??!

So Im locking to get a pretty cheap hosting now (under10$/year) and to create an store with woocomerce. Sincerlly Im pretty noob at seting domain and host so litle bit of advice will be great. What do you recomend for this task.?Can I use even bloger o…

SMS payments and Chargebacks

Helllo BHW.

I’m about to build an “enter your phone number and download” site, where users will pay using SMS, but I’m wondering about the risks about it.

Does any of you in here have experience with SMS payments & chargebacks and soforth? As it’s through SMS’es, I think the chargebacks wouldn’t be a problem?

Best regards,