Journey : Splogging with a custom bot

Introduction and History

Its been a while since I gave up IM because I was making more passive income elsewhere. Its time to look again at splogging / autoblogging as a method to make some money. I know autoblogging can work as I have done it in the past. I found I can make it work if I use a custom written bot so that I can do things which other people can not do. I don’t intend to make an income of this or grow it into a IM empire. I just want to make a…

Journey : Splogging with a custom bot

Made For You ClickBank & CPA Money Making Sites

As an Internet marketing newbie, the whole idea of marketing on the Web can be pretty daunting. Successful Internet marketers will tell you there?s a lot to be made in the business, but how and where do you actually start? Do you hav…

Video Blog

hello friends ,
I want to create video for my blog, And i want to create similar to this video

I want to create more than 300 videos, its like a series.
Can anyone suggest how to create , or any suggestion !!

facebook bot settings

Can anyone tell me what are the optimum bot settings if you are using jarvee or massplanner or any FB account keeps getting blocked, its a PVA account and im using a proxy on it thanks

I’m the newest kid around town.


I’ve had an account on here for many years but never really got around to using it.

I’ve come to ask the people of the internet for a helping hand. To give me your knowledge.

I’m not good with the outside world. I don’t like spending time outside. I were looking for ways to make money on the internet. Now, I’m not the most intelligent person on this planet in fact far from such a thing but looking for people to help me out.

Just a sign or a couple words to get me going….

I’m the newest kid around town.

Question about twitter

Hi guys, may be it’s stupid question, but anyway.
I’m managing two twitter accounts in a similar niches but they have their differences. Is it okay with twitter to retweet a tweets from one to another account? I’m asking because one account is quite new and another already has followers who might be interested in other account’s content.

Journey to Growing & Flipping an Affiliate Website for 100k

No intros because I don’t want you to know who I am for several obvious reasons.

In this Journey, I’ll be growing a brand new domain into a massive beast making at least 5k/month to flip it for 100k.

You may be thinking that I’m nuts because you usually value a websites worth based on monthly earnings x 12. However, the type of website I’m making will not only be in an ever-growing niche, have unlimited methods to earn money with, but I will also personally share with the buyer how I find…

Journey to Growing & Flipping an Affiliate Website for 100k

YouTube purposely stopping accounts from scoring “Top Comment”?

As many YouTubers out there know, getting the top comment on larger channels help that channel grow exponentially. If done well, and you content is high-quality and entertaining, some top comments can score you anywhere between 30 ~ 90 subscribers sometimes.

We do this from time to time on our channel, upvoting our specific comment roughly 4 ~ 8 times by other accounts (not using a proxy). However, we have now found that YouTube now purposely never allows us to push into the front…

YouTube purposely stopping accounts from scoring “Top Comment”?

Socks4/5 Lists updates