Soft ban when commenting on my photo

So here’s the thing, when I post a new photo, I usually get 100+ comments on it. As I like to engage with my followers (and maybe even increase the post’s reach), I thank them for their comment. The problem is that Instagram always bans me for too many comments for about 12 hours or so.

Is there a way to avoid this soft ban? One comment per 5 minutes? Any ideas?

Qeestion for Affiliate marketers

Hi all,

I am curious to learn from affiliates what you are most interested in from people like me who have a product. I want to add my product which is a travel hacking ebook to some affiliate programs and your input and advice would be great.



hi all
i would like to get into dropshipping(i think)
am i missing something?is dropshipping,just buying from somewhere and selling it yourself?
my studio is runniing out of space as i went hard into this and bought up everything that was on sale i cou…

Question on affiliation.

Hello everyone on BHW.

Here is my situation.

I working for a company that develops an App, it provides a service, its quite decent at it.

I’m currently being paid to generate leads to get memberships.

i was thinking of getting some help. currently im cold calling, im good at it, but its a pain in the ass to do 200 calls a day. i feel like i should put some effort on the internet.

for access to the service it thru a membership amd costs 7 dollars a month, for the first month, but just…

Question on affiliation.

Maxbounty Lead Quality

I have recently found a Maxbounty offer that converts on email submit and allows email traffic. I want to promote this offers to my email contacts and would like to begin right away. I was wondering if anyone has experience with using email marketing to promote Maxbounty’s email submit offers and how Maxbounty controls their lead submissions. I read their TOS and it states that they rely on their advertiser entirely to determine which leads are valid and which are not. Has anyone ever been…

Maxbounty Lead Quality

need an affiliate network accepts newbies

i really had a hard time searching for affiliate network..most of the reputable networks dont accept newbies they accept only experienced ones…and the other who accept the newbies have many troubles when google them and seem they have a bad reputatio…

How to not get Reddit Karma for your corporate shill account

I keep seeing this garbage in /r/all/rising:



Why does this even exist?

You can get a few other corporate shills to throw you 20 free karma, but… why?

Do this instead if you need to pad a Reddit account’s karma score with minimal effort:

  1. Go to any major subreddit and look up the top posts of all time
  2. Repost one of them to a different major subreddit with a slightly changed title…

How to not get Reddit Karma for your corporate shill account