100K followers in 6months

Hello everybody :)

I have two instagram accounts. The one has 16K followers and the other has 6K followers.
I make manually 550 follows per day and I have 80-110 new followers per day.
So the best number of new followers that it is possible to have is 3000 per month. The year 36K . And all this if I don’t have any accident with my account.

Iam disappointed :( with this result. I see many accounts to have 300k and 500k followers or other accounts 6 years old to have 1-2-3M followers. All…

100K followers in 6months

need a good scraper

I need someone that is available often that can scrape a wide variety of website data. Only apply if you know what you are doing and are available on skype often.

Send PM with experience if interested.

WarriorPlus + YouTube 8 Sales on 3 Weeks

Hey guys, I’ve just posted video on YouTube a month ago. It just about 349 view till today and give me 8 sales. 2 guys had just bought my affiliate product.

Okay, now the main problem is how to increase the view ? I’ve use YouTube SEO technique, I’ve bought views (but useless) but the views not increasng.

I want to ask you guys. Is my video has been banned by YouTube ? Or something ? I don’t know why the views did not increasing. Ohh once more, how to…

WarriorPlus + YouTube 8 Sales on 3 Weeks

PayPal asking for Tax ID Numver (I am underage)


Paypal just send me an email askinf for my task ID Number.
We ask you for your Tax ID Number in accordance with new rules of the
IRS. Your Tax ID Number may be one of the following:

– Your Social Security Number
– Your Individual Tax Ide…