Instagram Action Block Problem

Hello Guys,

Anyone got solution for instagram action block which occurs in almost every bot? I have more then 150 accounts working fine in followliker and jarvee but as i try to add more new accounts, this action block problem is giving me real headache

(Newibe-Friendly) Growing Insta Followers From Scratch


If you had followed my Facebook journey, you would have already known me, If not
I am tech and so enthusiastic

For Now, I am starting a Motivation thread for me as well as you guys on how to grow into accounts and monetize them, I have no any ideas, for now, I will tell you between the journey, Once I reach 10k Followers

Starting with Four accounts (I don’t want to disclose the niche)

I am working all manually, once I like to use BOT I will introduce it, for…

(Newibe-Friendly) Growing Insta Followers From Scratch

Are you in the bubble or out the bubble??

When people say bitcoin is a bubble… I wonder.. are they talking about the block chain technology which bitcoin sits on? or do they have no clue what that even is? Bitcoin has brought world wide attention to crypto but it’s still in the very early stages. Companies are utilizing this new blockchain technology and people are investing in it with minimum knowledge. I get it this is the same feeling people had when the Internet came around.

The “Bubble” they refuse to understand….

Are you in the bubble or out the bubble??


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(Need help) keyword advice

Hi, mates can you pls tell me which keyword should I use for my money site
Keyword 1: Affiliate site+reviews,search volume 110 & KD 21
Keyword 2: affiliate site, search volume 1300 & KD 23.
my site is review site with affiliate articles.

I’m successful at 21 years old, now what?

Hello all,
I was lucky enough to be a successful entrepreneur from home. I make consistently/stably $1500-$2500 a day (pretax) and I just recently turned 21 last month. All this money is passive as well so I have a lot of free time.

I am on track to be a millionaire within 1-2 years. I haven’t purchased anything large yet (besides business expenses), biggest purchase I made was 1 bitcoin at $9700/btc. I still live at home with my parents and I have no college degree, just high school and 50…

I’m successful at 21 years old, now what?