Country Targeted App Installs

I need 2,500 to 3,000 installs for my android and iOS app for targeted country: Saudi Arabia

Kindly let me know if anyone is agreed with CPI or Total cost and maximum installs per day.

Starting digital marketing company– looking to outsource

Recently I decided to drop out of college and become an entrepreneur. I was a chem e major with high grades but decided it wasn’t for me. I randomly stumbled upon an idea involving online education earlier this summer and after talking to a few school officials decided that it is worth it to pursue full time. I’m assuming that the website for this idea will cost at least 10k to build a decent enough site.

Anyway, to make money to start the site and to pay my bills (at least 1k a month) I…

Starting digital marketing company– looking to outsource

Movie Streaming Api

Hello guys, does anyone know some API like vidsource which automatically scrapes movie links? I know there is vodlocker api but half the movies dont work on it. I would like some alternative if there is any. Thanks

PBN Auction Question – Should I buy?


I’ve been looking at a domain in an auction, the stats look okay but I have a few questions before I drop money on this domain.

In the anchor cloud in ahrefs, it has “点击进入” as 6% of anchors. This reminds me of then I spam a domain with GSA. Is this normal?

It also has “点击查看” (click to view) as 5% of anchors. Again is this normal?

Apart from this it looks pretty sound, but having chinese anchors makes me wonder – I usually dodge domains that have chinese on the page when looking at…

PBN Auction Question – Should I buy?

I need help with making money

So im 20, and i have BTECH level 2 + BTECH level 3 ICT year 1 qualificaiton and i got bored of ICT so fast, for about 3 years i sat at home, playing games doing nothing and i decided i want to change my life i decided ill look for a job and no one too…

Choosing between Instagram Services

Hi, my subscription to Instaplus ended this month and they are closing the site so I’m looking for alternatives.

This are my needs:

– I shared my instaplus account with a friend so I’d like to share this one aswell, some services wouldn’t allow that.

– I’d like to not have to worry about proxies

– I need to run actions on 2 or 3 IG accounts at the same time.

– I don’t need a lot of features, I usually stick with Liking by users/hashtags.

I checked some websites and services and these…

Choosing between Instagram Services

PayPal problem

hello when i try to send someone money on paypal it says we can’t send your payment right now. if you keep running into this issue, please contact paypal how can i get around this plz help?