Is there any CLOUD/WEB instagram bot working?

As stated in the title, I am looking for a cloud or web instagram that is working. I have no interested in using a vps including amazon vps which is only free for a year. I actually purchase a windows based bot today and the instructions and videos are…

Great Unexpected Results From Nowhere

Hello world!

This is my first post to this site using this alias.

To the point, a few weeks ago I setup a random domain which has never had a site on it. This domain has zero juice, zero recognition from anyone, it simply does not exist. I am pretty sure I am the original registrant for it as well. It should not be attracting anyone’s attention. Follow me so far?

So I have been experimenting with different methods for collecting profile information, and this site is part of my test….

Great Unexpected Results From Nowhere

getting rid of bad links

hey there, we just found out we had a ton of bad links coming into our site, we added them into the ‘blocked domains’ section of the incoming links plug in

is that all we need to do? or should we also send the disavow file to google?

if we do need to do the disavow file we just send them a list of domains in a google doc with no h t t p:// or w w w. in front of the domain right?

does it need to be in a spreadsheet form? or just a standard google doc?

thanks for any help – Fully Automatic SMM Panel With API

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Some of you may already know about Electroneum, the live wallets are finally going to be released tomorrow at 12 mid day UK time! (can check the live timer on the electroneum site) check your time timezone to convert, this will be around the best time to sell it once it’s up! be sure to be online around that time.

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Percentage of Impressions from Non-followers

For those of you who have the new post insights that were rolled out in November, what is your average percentage per post?

Honestly, I’m under 1% for almost all posts which suggests to me that my account is limited in some capacity. I’ve done follow/unfollow at around 50 or so per hour faithfully for nearly two years now and have build up a good audience. Still, the new insights suggest that those who AREN’T following me barely see my stuff.

Before anyone suggests a shadow ban, no I am…

Percentage of Impressions from Non-followers