HomePage link building

Yesterday I was checking out my competitors and other Amazon sites and I was thinking.

So my homepage has DA 31 and PA 41. I have 30 articles on the homepage as it’s magazine style. So it means, all those 30 articles will get DAPA juice from domain strength right? Sooo, it means if I will list only 10 buying guides on the homepage, they should rank better right? Or am I wrong? Because all good ranking sites do not have a large number of articles on the homepage.

Please help xx need someone to verify my adultwork

I’ve been trying to verify my profile for ages as I’m American and my passport had expired I’m not able to I’m in the UK xx I keep trying with some ones else did and it got rejected I obviously can’t ask a friend the Id won’t be seen by public it’s just for them it’s a uk or eu Id and a picture holding a sign

rel canonical

Hello, I don’t understand WHEN to write rel canonical.

When is it necessary?

I don’t have duplicate content on the website.

I don’t copied content on webiste.

I have a website in which for example: URL www.jobs/category/relegsaion/AXXSid

An URL like that one I have posted above, why would it need the rel canonical?

First Post =) Suggestions on picking the right Expired Domains

Thank you in advance!

Hi Everyone,

Quick question on buying the right expired domain.

I have a Niche engineering company and I’m exploring new ways for my website to rank higher on Google. I found 2 expired domains with the keyword name of my niche, which my domain that I own also has the same keyword name.

My question is: What is your process on scrubbing expired domains? My observation with the 2 I like to purchase but comparing the CCP to BL it’s a NO buy, right?

E.G. 2 expired…

First Post =) Suggestions on picking the right Expired Domains

Quickest way of increasing RDs?

Everyone knows that the number of referring domains is one of the most powerful, (if not the most powerful) metrics in increasing the power of a website and therefore its SERPS.

My question is, what’s the fastest way to increase one’s RDs, without being punished by Google?

Altcoin for holding!

If you don’t want to play with charts I have 2 good recommendations of altcoin for holding!

First is Neo. With NEO you can earn gas for just holding. Also Neo is a very good project (check them out )

The second is IOTA : the best features, no fees, no scalability issues and no miners!

AN easy way to get money

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