Adwords Zip Codes Targeting vs City Targeting


Would like to get help after a long time of testing without a clear answer.

I have a local business located in U.S that serve customers 50-60 mile radius, I set up a different campaign for each city to add the city name on the title of the ads.

I have made 3 tests and I’m still without a clear answer :

1. Target customers by zip codes

2. Target customers by city name

3. Target by city name and zip codes

The 3rd test (Target by city name and zip codes) is the only one that…

Adwords Zip Codes Targeting vs City Targeting

BTC holdings to ETH holdings


At the moment i have a number of alts in btc/alt pairs (TRX, BCN, DENT, MOD, VEN, DBC), total worth about $14k (was $28k just 2 weeks ago )

What happens if i sell these and buy them again in the /ETH pairs? Would it be worth the same? I have …

how do i

get my selection of photos to post on followliker

what happens is it posts one photo and that photo goes into history folder, and then it doesn’t post anymore, i have choose random video/photo selected.. is there something I am doing wrong?

Growing a Youtube account using bought views

I am managing a product unboxing Youtube channel for a e-commerce retailer and I am wondering if its possible to grow a Youtube channel using bought views and subscribers? Does it work like that?

For example, if for every video I buy 20,000 drip fed …

Mobile Marketing vs Site

I’am a new to the forum…I’m here to learn and share and make it better place for everyone

i have no experience with marketing online.
my focus is on selling mobile apps.
please let me know where i start?

What is the difference between mobile marketing and site marketing?


Regarding shitlist and scam


Just quick question, is someone user on BHW do scam , he/she will get into shitlist..and then mod will call both victim and seller.

And then what, ..? Mod just banned the wrong user and what about if buyer already pay like $10K..

*seller will …

Watch Niche

Hello to all! I am looking to start a drop shipping business and i would like to sell men and women watches. I did a google trend and it looks like watches do very well year around. I am interested in seeing if anyone else in the forum is in this niche…

Buying Powerlikes


I’m a bodybuilder and I’m currently building an Instagram. I’ve already built an account with 60k followers but the engagement is quite bad (1.5k likes for 60k followers) because I used the follow/unfollow method. I would like to try to increase my engagement using a more white hat method and that’s why I would like to know if any of you tried the powerlikes services ?

I found this one, IIRC it’s run by a forum member :

So, any…

Buying Powerlikes

Selling on eBay, Need some Direction

Hi Guys,

I have been browsing these forums for about a month now and i have found some good quality posts here, i feel this is a good place to get some advise and hopefully some direction.

I live in Australia and about 4 and a half months ago in September of 2017 i had an idea, that idea was to purchase goods for a cheap price and then sell them on eBay for a personal profit.

I decided to make an eBay account and a Paypal account but then quickly learned about the “Seller Limits” this…

Selling on eBay, Need some Direction

Price difference between FraudFilter – Justcloackit

Hey guys! Simple question here: Do you thing the price difference between these two services is justified? JustCloakIt basic monthly plan is $400 vs Fraudfilter which is $200.

Is Fraudfilter that bad? or JustCloakIt is overpriced?

I’m only trying to understand. I’ve been using FF and got a couple campaigns blocked but couldn’t say it’s because of them working badly. But never used JCI before.

Thanks a lot!