[Advice Needed] I’m Stuck In The Entry-Level Stage

Hi! My main income is from Affiliate Sites + SEO. Mostly: Amazon Affiliate.

I’ve been 8 months in it. So not that long time but I’m working everyday even on Weekends.

I did a good job in those 8 months. And hitting few hunderds a Month.

My problem is I don’t know how to scale & take it into 4 figures/m.

I mean there is a lot of other keywords I can target, A lot of other niches that I know it will work well.

But I’ve no experience in manging a lot of stuff. Making teams, hire somebody….

[Advice Needed] I’m Stuck In The Entry-Level Stage

Best way to make use of 15 PCs, Unlimited internet & free Electricity

Hello BHW

soooo i got my hands on 15 pcs { core i5s and 4GB ram on each } and been thinking what would be the best way to utilize them for making money. now before you jump on my throat saying that PC is a tool and PC on its own can’t make a dime, with all due respect, you know nothing jon snow lol, just zip it.

i thought of using them to farm TE points and then use those points on ptp websites – [ yeah will make me peanuts but IDC, its free money ya know ].

also thought of using them…

Best way to make use of 15 PCs, Unlimited internet & free Electricity

Screenshotting images

Might be a dumb question.
but Is there any meta data or trackable data in a screen shot image. Say if im promoting/ reviewing products and i wanna grab an image from manufacturer’s site or google is there any traceable content in a screen capture?

I notice all the big sites seem to be taking images from anywhere and everywhere with no problem.

{Journey} IG + CPI/CPA

Hello BHW users, I was searching for some ideas, and this seems to be the one I liked the most.
So today I started an Instagram account about a niche which is kinda popular, but it seems like it gets the job done for now.

I am using Jarvee on my PC wh…

40k insta page, what to do know?

Currently running a 40k page
Niche: Sexy girls
Likes: ~8k
Comments: 150-200
Story views: 3k

I dont want to get spoonfed but im looking for advice, what is the best way to monetize a page like this?
There are tons of horny men in my dm but i dont know …

My IG + CPA Journey

Hello fellas o_O
Today I am gonnna start my Journey about using CPA with the help of Instagram.
First of all huge shoutout to @Loki Lavey for helping me with all my troubleshootings I had at the beginning (if you have any problems with ig + cpa go to him hi willl help you)

About me:
I´m a 17 Year old IT Student. I have basic skills in Web Programming. Close to no knowlegde in IM so this will be one of my first experices. :p

So first I will make a list of…

My IG + CPA Journey