The Art of The Start: Youtube

Hi all,

I started a youtube channel yesterday (7 videos and 10k views) and was wondering how to actually START making money. I’m not talking about creating a following etc etc, but more the technical side of it:

Never have used Adsense before, but am I right if can both place advertisements on youtube with adsense (in which case I’d spend money for publicity) OR accept cash from youtube for the views my videos have?

I’m somewhat lost in how to just signup so that youtube can start…

The Art of The Start: Youtube

No Pics

I reading constantly people growing their Acc’s without any pictures. o_O
I don’t get this, isn’t Instagram THE social media platform for sharing photos and graphs and all that.

How can these Acc’s grow without having any pic at all?
How can anyone identify what these Acc’s stand for and which niche they follow?

[Free Tool] Organic Traffic Estimator by Position(calculator)

I found this on Twitter and I think it’s a really nice tool to estimate your traffic by position (it’s based on a research from AWR or something like this).


Admins – if it’s not the right place to publish it, I’ll be happy if you’ll move it.

Get some extra FREE leads

On most of the CPA networks you can create your own custom lockers. You also can change most of the settings for these networks. Most of the time, you can change the redirect after they completed an offer.

Network 1 = A
Network 2 = B

You can add an r…

Show me an Amazon affiliate Website


I run 2 pages on Facebook with over 250K followers and 2 IG pages bigger than FB and i have been in dropshipping business for months.

Unfortunately Paypal screws with my account too much so i think to switch to Amazon affiliates.

The problem is that i donno how it should be done? I know that you must place some agreements/ terms and conditions… and you need to have an article to products … sorry if i’m mistaken but i donno.

Can anyone show me an example or point me in the right…

Show me an Amazon affiliate Website

Want to sell online suggest me a site like Fiverr

I want to sell online and choose fiverr( signup before two days) and got one sale but fiverr took 3$ lol( Actually my Item price is 15$). Its very high and i can not able to make profit also i can not set price to high because of my competitors. I c…