Experience with the wolf network or AuraRank?

Hey guys,

I want to order some high quality SEO services and both, The wolf network and AuraRank were recommended to me.
Has anybody experiences with those services? I want to use it for a real company site, so obviously I don’t want to risk getting penalized.

How to become a Jr VIP member

Hi people, I am new here please forgive me if I posted in the wrong place. I wish to know what to do to become a Jr. VIP member and the amount I have to pay in order to become one. Thanks

Testing a potential method Instagram+Domain+Cpa

Hi guys.
This is my 1st thread on BHW.

I need some tips about my idea.

Sorry for my bad english, is not my native language. I’m italian.

I have a 100% workly Instagram bot configured with my fake sexy female account.
This account is private, i’ve just uploaded a “curious and attractive image” captured from one her webcam video founded on a video storage site and a short description with name, country, age and some stupid message like “i want to meet funny guys ^_^”…No images or videos…

Testing a potential method Instagram+Domain+Cpa

Submitting pages to google you got links on, yes or no?

We got 10 links over the last 2 weeks and I was a little pissed because our rankings were the same. Google hadn’t seen them yet, as they were not picked up in search console.

So I decided to submit most of the pages to google so it would crawl them manually. Woke up today and or site has dropped 5 spots.

Is this because I submitted the pages and essentially left a footprint? I have seen around that you aren’t supposed to do this in the community.

Do you guys do it? Or do you just let…

Submitting pages to google you got links on, yes or no?

How to run a black hat forum

I wish I knew.

In many ways this is a great forum. A unique forum, filled with good ideas and umm… warez. :rolleyes:
But senior members are dropping out.

Here is the problem: If we share (among peers) we will all win. Two heads are better than one and all that.

But no one wants to piss into the wind. Why should I post my hard earned “secrets” for every lurker and leecher on the internet? With people who aren’t even members of the forum?

At the same time I don’t believe in…

How to run a black hat forum

hi all, br4sco here

complete noob here. started about 3-4 weeks ago with blogging and affiliate marketing.

kind of binge reading / watching all available resources. learning tons everyday – but also feeling a bit overwhelmed.

by chance i found this forum. i hope i can …