Effectiveness of Youtube in SEO

Per my personal experience, youtube help me more in driving more traffic to my website.
Ranking YouTube videos through my blackhat techniques give my blogs organic traffic.
I sell blackhat products as well as use content lockers for my premium contents…

Setup domains

Hello , I got 2 domains from godaddy from a member here & followed instructions but they giving me error can anyone help me to set these domains on google so that they start working
I will be gladful if someone of you guys assist in SEO as well thanks I’m using blogger to start
I’m going to school I will reply in few hours if someone can help plz comment email I will invite you sir thanks

New Member-Joshua Justis

Hello guys,
My name is Joshua Justis. I am a blackhat marketer. I am not a pro in make money online issues but I do make a lot of money from my Blackhat techniques. I joined this forum to share my blackhat techniques and probably learn more. Blackhat m…

FREE PVA instagram accounts giveaway

Free 10 instagram accounts (PVA) giveaway for test
1. 2 accounts per PM
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You can follow 600+ on the first day you run them.

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Amazon orders and feedback


I would like to ask if anyone knows how to obtain hundreds of fake sales and feedback on Amazon?
I can see lots of Amazon sellers, who are getting dozens of feedbacks every day from the same users and I know that the feedback is fake.
I have t…

How do I optimize my Ads?

Hi again everyone.

I’m currently having a lot of trouble with my Adwords campaigns. I seem to be having pretty good interaction with my ads (6% CTR) My biggest issue, though, is my CPC. Right now, I’m spending an average of $1 per click. On top of that, only 3.5% of the click throughs are actually buying the product. It seem to me that my ads are pretty abysmal to be getting this low of numbers. Does anyone have any ideas about how to optimize them better?

Here is my current copy…

How do I optimize my Ads?