Need an advisor

Sorry mods if this is not allowed, please delete it and i wont ever ask again.

So basically i am looking for someone who can tell me, If i make a website and put content from other sites/websites ( copy everything from images/blog posts/articles) and …


Hey everyone

Newbie here, looking for social media accounts, tips and tricks for web selling and advertising.

Anyone got jci cloaker working?


Today i have tried to work with jci cloaker, and adwords is detecting the cloaker. I am trying to work for an client for gambling campaign, the cloaker is getting failed. Any alternate solutions?

I see other cloakers are expensive like $xxxx, is …

vpn failed whilst logged in to ebay

So my VPN failed whilst logged into ebay. So it would of shown an ip address of spain not the UK. Will I automatically get shut down within the next few days as a bot would of flagged it ? Has this happened to anyone?


I need NEW gmail accounts in bulk daily!


I looking for someone who can provide me with CHEAP gmail accounts. I had providers offering accounts 0.10-0.20 cents per one account.

If you can provide me with cheap accounts, please contact me or reply in thread.


Welcome to the Redistribution of Wealth America

Waging war on Seattle’s million-dollar bungalows isn’t how Lubarsky pictured life back in 2013, when he took a programming job with Microsoft in nearby Redmond, Washington. He’d grown up, happily, in what he calls the “capital of the single-family neighborhood”—Long Island, New York. And though Lubarsky considers himself a liberal on many social issues, he says he emerged from several…

Welcome to the Redistribution of Wealth America