Step-By-Step Guide For Facebook Sales Funnel?

I’ve looked everywhere for one but the ones I’ve seen just give simple steps without actually explaining how to implement them on Facebook. I sell a physical product, not a digital one.

I’m new to FB and have no clue how it works. It looks much bulkier than thing like Google Adwords, which is so easy to work with.

Can somebody offer a link to a detailed, updated, step-by-step guide, please?

[FOLLOWLIKER] Setup questions and few considerations

Hi all
i’m using FL from two years and i’m missing the last thing.
In the past i was using a soft configuration all in one:
follow, likes, unfollow.
I was using it at half of the potential (500 of each). Now i started to increase it to the limits but i have some thoughts.
Is it better to have two instances in the same project, one with follow/likes (running ~16hours) and one with unfollow (running the remaining 8 hours) ?
Or is it better to make two separate projects, one with follow/likes…

[FOLLOWLIKER] Setup questions and few considerations

Any Facebook Script?

Hey, Everyone.

I am new here at BHW.

I wanted to know if there is any useful Facebook script out there to assist you in managing your facebook.


Feeling anxious about project help :)

For the past 4 days I have been working non stop on my project. I am making an e-commerce website. The thing is, I am a hobbyist programmer and I am designing and coding it from scratch (including backend cart).

I have never worked personally on such a ‘big’ project myself, I am a simple construction worker on 2 week holidays. I have thoughts constantly crossing my mind like, what if I somehow fuck up the cart and people will be able to place orders without paying. What if the customer…

Feeling anxious about project help :)

[Method+Journey] How I earned $40 per month(1 site) and plan to scale to $1000 pm by year end

Hi Folks,

This is my first journey in BHW.

I have been a part of the forum since some years and have gained knowledge from informative posts by many members. I thank them for their contribution to the forum and sharing their knowledge.

About Me (If you are not interested, scroll fast):

I’m 25 and into IM since 7 years. I started with a freelancing career on Article writing. When I got a bunch of clients, I start outsourcing….

[Method+Journey] How I earned $40 per month(1 site) and plan to scale to $1000 pm by year end

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