Facebook ghosting domains from news feed?

Around 2 months ago, my traffic slowing dropped over the week. I lost around 75% – A few days ago, the domain was blocked for being against community standards (all pages)… Pressed the not spam button on the news feed and surprisingly, it was reviewed and cleared within a few minutes (message saying they’ve reviewed it, and it’s not against community standards). Now, traffic has not only returned to normal but it’s almost 50% higher than it was before and climbing.

This is a viral type of…

Facebook ghosting domains from news feed?

(Was) going to invest in top 75 Coins

Hello there,

a little panic is going on right now.
I was planing to buy all top 75 Coins + 10-20 high potential coins in the comming days to hold them at least one year, betting that the market will grow.

The corrections in the last month didnt changed my mind, after that growth and all the other reasons it made absolutly sence.

Since i wanted to beginn with this portfolio today i’m not sure right now, what do you think, should i wait a few days to analyse the situation better?


(Was) going to invest in top 75 Coins

Instagram Bot?

Hi guys,

I am looking for an Instagram bot which can follow/unfollow, upload scheduled posts, etc.

Unlimited accounts preferably as well.
What does everyone use & how is everyone getting on with it? Any issues?

Thank you in advance.


Hi All,

First of all I would like to thank you all for such a great forum. This is my 1st post to introduce myself to all the wonderful members of wonderful place. Let me introduce myself now.

My name is Aladin and I am from Romania. I am into learning new things and sharing my knowledge.

I still rate myself a beginner who had just started to sail in the ocean of hosting and so i’ll take sometime to post a thread. but will be a regular follower of this forum. i have gone through “few…


White Hat offers for Fb

Guys, could you, please, recommend me some verticals or offer examples for Fb that are for 100% white for Fb loke: Solar pannels quotes, eCommerce (shopify).

1. What about teeth whitening? – is it allowed by fb? or need to cloaked?

Info links in IG bio

hello! I have a blog and I collaborate with several artists on various social Networks… it’s dangerous to make them use a link to the post we collaborate (on my blog) on their bio on instagram (for example)? I mean it’s risky about seo penalizzation and so on? Thanks