Customers pay with card and you receive in Bitcoin

Hello? I want to run a checkout where customers pay with their card but I will receive the money in bitcoin, NOT in dollars or any other denomination.

A bitcoin coin checkout but customers don’t necessarily need to have bitcoin wallet or account to use it. So many people don’t understand much about bitcoin yet, so I don’t want to bother them and checkouts will be better for me. Thanks in advance.

I’m new here

Get guys I’m a newbie, and I’m glad to be here
Please I will like an expert advice on the best free methods for promoting my CPA offers, as I’m very low on budget thanks a lot.

Need reliable Amazon reviewers with good track record

Hello friends,
We’re looking for people who can provide some Amazon reviews and additional services.
Kindly, we only wish for responses from people with a proven record.
Services sought include:

  • Verified Reviews
  • Unverified Reviews
  • Negative Reviews
  • Wish Lists
  • Questions / Up or Down Votes
  • etc.

If you can provide such services, please respond so we can skpe.

Need Someone To Place Click Links On Website

My website is gettings lots of traffic. I have clickbank and lomadee as affiliates. I need someone to strategecally place affiliate links in my articles using seo strategy and at the right places to convert. Thank you.

Pack of 9 watercolor backgrounds to download free

Finding backgrounds of “watercolor” isn’t very complicated having a little patience, entering Pixabay or Devianart.

But being vector is another story

This resource that i found for free download, 9 vector backgrounds with watercolor style.

To know more details you only need to enter here:

9 Watercolor Backgrounds – Webvilla Design
9 Watercolor Backgrounds – Webvilla Design

Pack of 9 watercolor backgrounds to download free

Rankerx = no index?

Hello my friends, i use rankerx like 1 week. I made few campaigns by wizard (not quick wizard). Nice effectiveness (in creating accounts etc) but there is problem with put links into google or ahrefs robot index.

Almost 1 week after campaign and ther…