Has anyone tried Easyblognetwork hosting ?

I was looking into getting shared hosting with dedicated IP’s but was told that dedicated IP’s could potentially leave a footprint.

I came across this site which claims to have deindexing rates as good as regular shared hosting, does anyone have experience with this? I’m curious to try it out.

Gmail Account for SEO?


I Saw on few thread that people selling Gmail Account for SEO Purposes.
Ii got many gmail account and i wonder how can i use them for SEO?

Thank you.

Hello World

Hi, my name is Daniel. Aka Nano or Docta Nano or Cheef. I would call myself a professional music producer/ aspiring artist, an entrepreneur, a cannabis connoisseur, and a beginner hacker.

First off, I look forward to exploring the knowledge on this forum. I like meeting new people and exposing myself to different ideas.

Secondly, if anyone wants to connect to my music, leave a comment or pm me, can’t link my page to the thread :weep::weep:

Finally, i’ll explain myself for such claims…

Hello World

Isn’t everyone unproductive at times like this guy?

I’ve just been reading this thread, just as I’m skipping school because I didn’t study for today.

Now I’m not here to talk about how I can’t do these things and repeat myself over and over again like OP from that thread basically did, because I AM actively making changes to my life (I eat very healthy, workout etc.)

But when it comes to doing basically anything that is considered productive (school, IM…

Isn’t everyone unproductive at times like this guy?