Can pinterest social signals screw my ranking?

This is the timeline:
On May 21 I published my article
On May 24 google indexed my article
On May 25 appeared on page 10 and I bought a pinterest social signals gig that was delivered within few minutes

Yesterday and today my website completely disappear from page 10 or any other page. I was thinking this could just be a dance, but usually I never blast social signals so fast so this behavior it’s unknow to me, I usually wait a week, but this is a repurposed domain so I though I could go…

Can pinterest social signals screw my ranking?

Old, but new :)


I have been registered here for a long time since Apr 20, 2015, but I did not write or introduce myself.

My name is Mario, I was born in 1997, I’m from Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and I try to make money online.

I work professionally in AutoCAD, I study at the faculty building engineer. In addition, I’m writing / translating articles, graphic design, and so forth.

This forum attracted me when I first came and did some quick job (made a account on a page using bank card…

Old, but new :)

Looking for a Reliable Unfollow Bot

Looking for a reliable “unfollow” Bot for Twitter.

The only way we’ve managed to avoid consistent Twitter aggravation to date is to split any of our Botting tasks into component parts. That is to say whatever we use for “Following” we don’t use for “unfollowing” non followers.

Likewise we use a different Bot for “Liking” etc.

This mans that at times life is a pain in the butt but minimizes footprint.

We’re now looking for folks recomendations regarding a Bot for “unfollowing” and also…

Looking for a Reliable Unfollow Bot

Question on IG CPA

Hello. I have an IG page and want to do CPA content locker. I have a landing page which will later redirect to the content locker. What am I supposed to do exactly? I mean which link am I supposed to cloack the one redirecting to my landing page or the…

Redirect Error after switching to SSL

Hello guys!

I just switched all my sites to SSL, which seems to actually work fine.
Just the additional domains I use for Redirects in my hosting service deliver the “Page could not be loaded, too many redirects” error.

I redirected the domains to my root folder, because I thought this would preserve the most link juice. Will it make any difference, when I set the redirect into 301 or just use the redirect options my provider offers in the backend?

Kind regards,


hey guys,

how can you be fully anonymous?
because of the new data law, it is not that easy to look up the WHOIS information- and even if it was, we could use WHOIS Protect.
then you could use offshore hosting. places like romania dont really want to cooperate with the government…
if you dont want the people to know your hosting service, you could use services like cloudflare.

now youre mostly safe, imo. (if you don´t do to much bad things. in places like germany, you get sued for…


Youtube Viral problem?

Hey guys so i have been uploading videos everyday in my gaming niche youtube channel (other streamers clips)

  1. I’m using rapid tags for to select the best tags
  2. i’m making attractive thumbnails

    Can somebody else suggest me what i can do more to go viral more easily and frequently also i haven’t hit a viral yet :)
    Thankyou appreciate your time :)

How do I link an Aadhaar card with a PAN card

Here is the process to link Aadhaar with PAN in 10 easy steps:

1) To connect Aadhaar with PAN of a taxpayer, the income tax department’s e-filing website has a new link introduced on its homepage.

2) There is no requirement of logging in or registering in on e-filing website of the income tax department. Now, this facility of linking Aadhaar with PAN can be used by anyone.

3) The link requires an individual to log in his/her PAN number, Aadhaar number and the “actual” name as…

How do I link an Aadhaar card with a PAN card