FL acting very random when liking photos

I have about 10 accounts with similar settings (but more or less the same). I just noticed today that half of my accounts are liking 10-15 pictures of the same user, then 10-15 of another user, etc.
The other half is doing liking okay, with every Like …

Need FB Bot That Simulates Normal User Activity


I’m looking for a bot that can simulate a normal users activity. Just need it to log into the account once per day, scroll around in the account, make a post, like some comments and log out.

Any one have any ideas? Will buy or hire.


100k Pandacoin Giveaway! ( max 2000 per user)

I’m part of the Pandacoin development team and now I’m giving away some coins!

How to claim your coins:

Post your Pandacoin address in a post below, and I will send you 2000 PND.
I have 100.000 PND available at the moment so obviously only the first 50 that reply will get something (but don’t think that it will be a problem)

How to get a Pandacoin address:
Download the Pandacoin wallet, called PandaBank

Need Someone Who Sells iTunes Gift Cards

Looking for someone who can get me gift cards in bulk in UK, South Africa & Russia…
If you can do that in any of the country listed above or you sell iTunes gift cards, kindly send me a pm

SEO for New WordPress Blog

I have a new webite configured with good content and onsite SEO. My domain and website are only 2 weeks old. I am now looking at offsite SEO. AFAIK Google has a sandbox period and I am unsure if getting an SEO package is worth it at the moment.Somebody…

my personal facebook account disabled what to do??

i sumbit my id and everything and i dont think facebook will ever reply had this account for 8+ years……. is there any way i can contact facebook directly???? been real depressed all week. All i get is when i login

Account Disabled
Your account ha…

Ranking a parasite with Fiverr Gigs- Case Study

For a while now, I’ve been using parasites as a way to bring in some extra money and it’s worked fairly well for me. I’ve discussed in other threads how I’ve been using 301s and GSA spam in order to raise the rankings of these sites after they’ve aged a bit.

One thing I was curious about however is how quickly a parasite can be ranked with a few Fiverr gigs (if at all). You might be wondering why I choose Fiverr. The reason for this is that you can actually get some pretty good deals for…

Ranking a parasite with Fiverr Gigs- Case Study