so much low quality posts on this forum

I hate how valuable threads with useful info get spammed with low quality posts such as; “thanks for share” “will try this later thanks” “great method”… Or “thanks will try this tomorrow and report here back with results”. If you dont have anything to add with value, why bother posting? There is thanks button for that.

just my few cents worth of rant.

Your Top 3 Tips for Facebook accounts

Hello BHW,

I am interested to see what YOUR Top 3 Tips are for making and maintaining a bulk amount of Facebook accounts for marketing services (liking pages etc).

e.g. Every account needs its own proxy.

I ask this question as I am trying to learn as much as possible and would welcome your input from personal experience. What have been your biggest no-no’s?

SEO advice


I have got a keywords with like 24-34 score in competition. And i do not know how I should jump on top. Any services I should buy? I have got quite nice articles about my niche, but i AM Under 200 position in Google. I AM newbie in case of SEO. thx!

Disaster ( Facebook ask for impossible )

this is what i get, is there any solution or should i forget this account ?
They become seriously fucking mad.

New accounts are disabled within afew mintues i am totally Blocked.
any solution to restar all over as they disabled 90% of accounts and al…