[BETA TESTERS NEEDED] Worldwide Residential Rotating Proxies. 5 Ports For FREE!

Hey BHW! I’m starting my own proxy service and need 5-10 people to test these proxies to the limit!

Here are some features:

  • Worldwide Locations (Every country in the world)
  • Random IP every 10-15 minutes
  • No Bandwidth Limitations
  • 40 Million+ IP Pool

To enter the beta test you need to be Jr.VIP or have 100+ posts.

Each beta tester will get 5 ports to use however they want.

Post on this thread that you’re interested and I’ll PM you the details :)

Hello, I am new

I’m new here, I’ve heard a lot about this nice community.
I’m a coder, mainly use python, js. It will be great if some could tell me where to start :)

How to sell single product?

So I have been researching a couple keywords and different niches to start drop shipping products. I have one product in mind I would like to drop ship and promote via FBads…. so my question is what is the best platform to sell this single product? I…

How To Make Money From Adult Site

Hey guys,

I have stared my adult site venture and I started the site around 2 days ago.

I am currently receiving 1-1.5k views per day. I was looking at ways to make money from my site and at the moment all i have are crak revenue ads running on the…

How extract emails from comments?

Hello guys, so on one giveaway ppl post in the comments their emails with few other words. I can manualy copy them but then its 20k emails, that will takes me days… there is any other way to collect them?

Just Another Instagram Journey

Hi guys, as the title says this is about my Instagram marketing journey.
So as of late I have been strapped for cash, so I found this forum. And using guides and advice by you wonderful people I have decided to have a go at Instagram cpa :)

I have one semi-aged account (6-ish Months) that I am using currently using. I have it set up on a residential proxy ect. However I can’t afford a vps at the moment so I leave instabot.py running over night. So far it seems to have worked alright with…

Just Another Instagram Journey

Where to buy Gift Card Google Play Developer

Hi everybody,

I recently bought a google play gift card so i could pay the 25$ of google play developer account

My biggest surprise was to find out that the gift card only works in the google store not in the developer account. So it’s a 25$ wasted which i can’t use anywhere else !

So to avoid this mistake again, i would like to…

Where to buy Gift Card Google Play Developer

Jarvee for Pinterest

If you have to use it in a massive way to post on Pinterest, Jarvee is not suitable for the purpose. Consumes a lot of resources and is full of bugs