Why bitcoin dropped

Here is an interesting read about bitcoin price – https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-price-hit-2018-lows-because-of-400-mln-mtgox-sell-off-reports

If you add that people are easily influenced in crypto market, it seems like a probable cause or at …

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Questions regarding using Scrapebox for leads

Hi bhw community!

Is Contact Form Marketing still effective? Or do the spam filters simply ruin the fun of it.
What precautions should I take when sending bulk messages??

Or should I extract the emails and then bulk send using Sendgrid/Mailgun/AWS


Buy Drop Domains – the Step by Step Guide

Today we are going to talk about such a tricky thing as buying a drop domain.
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inform…

Help remove indexed posts

Hi all,

Recently I’ve noticied that my site has more than 200 indexed pages when I do a google search using Site:sitename.com

There were category pages, tags pages and most importantly the attachment pages. (A separate page created for each image I have uploaded. That is the worst thing as It did not have any text. Just a headline and an image)

So instantly I have changed the settings on yoast amd re generated the sitemap excluding those pages. Now my sitemap only has posts amd pages…

Help remove indexed posts