Article is indexed but cannot see cache

Recently, an article was posted on The posted article can be seen on google search but I cannot see its cache version. Infact every article posted on does not have cache version.

Does it count in backlink? Anyone has any idea?

Youtube Social Signals

Any idea how to view social signals of Youtube Videos?

I tried buzzsumo, it didn’t show nothing. Pasted the youtube URL on twitter no shares even though the video has.

Like, Follow Jacker Question

Like, Follow Jacker Question. Hi guys,

Does anybody know if there is any like or follow jacker that still works? I have FBLikeJacker and it’s asking now to confirm even on follow, even when using Follow Jacker on a profile.

Also does anybody have any idea of a good Instagram BOT?

Best regards

facebook replica ads

put up an fb ad today,from a good fb account, and it went active then got no approved.

anyone have any ideas why?

i mean fb dont know my goods are repz how can they make this assumption

[Journey] Growing IG Accounts & Make Money With Them

First BHW journey in a while, feels good to be back. I want to share my journey with you guys so we can maybe learn from each other!

First goal: Sell a shoutout

For this journey I will use 2 accounts:

1/ Fitness/Motivation niche (Account A)
2/ Travel, pictures (Account B)

I’m running those accounts with FollowLiker & Gramblr64 (to upload photos etc…)

Here are the stats account by account:

Account A – Day1: 14 Followers
Account B -…

[Journey] Growing IG Accounts & Make Money With Them