I’m a student engineer and I will graduate next year , I like engineering ,Neuroscience physics, digital marketing , art , and philosophy .
I’m Passionate about digital world and I want to make new friends ,money ,and learn from you all .
I’m really happy to start with u !
I love to share what I will know with you .

How many hours a day do you hustle?

Since I have been offered a job for 8$/hr. That’s okay for a 14 year old like me but I’m thinking of working 10 hours a day to get some meaningful income for the months. Want to know how much do you entrepreneurs hustle a day? Waiting for your responses.:)

Looking for a Virtual Assistant for marketing purposes

We’re looking for a reasonably affordable full-time VA. The job will consist of doing marketing tasks for Jarvee.

The English needs to be native sounding – this is one of the most important things, definitely not looking for anyone that makes spelling mistakes and has a strange word phrasing. Some of your tasks will be:
– write articles
– write short texts for different purposes
– write comments
– do general SEO and link building tasks
– use Jarvee for social media.

You do not need…

Looking for a Virtual Assistant for marketing purposes

Directories Lose Link Juice?

Hi there fellas,

Just wanted to ask a quick SEO question.

– Do you think there is lost link juice if you have a lot of directories on your website?


I mean they are directories and each of…

Water Filtration Systems Niche

Hey fellow blackhatters, I’ve been grinding for the past week learning everything that I can about starting my own SMMA. I’ve managed to get a local Water Filtration System business to let me run their page and facebook ads as a free trial since it benefits both of us. If I start producing results I could get up to a $2000 monthly retainer.

I’m very new to internet marketing and this niche seems to be pretty untapped as far as social media marketing goes so I don’t have many examples to…

Water Filtration Systems Niche

Bad reviews

Anybody have capabillities to / or have tips or tricks to try to remove bad reviews on facebook?

Just have them turned off at the moment.

inbox if you can help

Aspiring stay at home dad.

Hey all!

We just recently added another little one to our family. I spent many years working in corporate America and allowing my ex to be a stay at home mom. I am now looking to reverse roles and become a stay at home dad. However, I do not want to do so without making money and supplementing my income — and — eventually surpassing it. I have saved enough to be income free for a year, but don’t want to diminish everything i have saved. So, I’m here, looking for ways to make money. I have…

Aspiring stay at home dad.