Hello BHW You have a new family memeber

Good day Everyone in here, I’m Evidence from Nigeria. I’m an online/offline entrepreneur. Heard about this site a few months ago but was not so interested because I’m just recovering from a failed online investment I made earlier this year. But just yesterday a good friend of mine told me about this same site so I decided to give it a try.
I hope to make friends who’d like to share ideas and learn from each other.

Once again Good day everyone.

Backlink sources for blog about health?

Good evening,

I am a little out of inspiration concerning finding backlinks.
My blog is health related and in Dutch (don’t think that matters, but still saying). Anybody any ideas where to find quality backlinks for it?

Many thanks in advance for any reply! All advice will be very appreciated!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards,

Selling a domain

I have a domain with com , org and info extention .
I want to sell this domain

Expiry : july 2018
Host : hostgator

Inbox for details

Payment method : paypal

If my post is not according to forum rules just pull my post off

Does IFTTT possess threat to instagram?

I am thinking of using IFTTT such that whatever I upload on instagram gets automated to twitter. So wanted to ask you does using IFTTT possess any threat to my account? (I know you can’t tell what instagram does but anyone using them successfully and not getting their account banned?)

Twitter adult journey

iam starting a adult money making with twitter. i already grew a twitter account to 1200 followers. I did not get accepted to crakreveneu yet.

any tips for me.

i post all results on this topic