Hi everyone,

I want to buy some Youtube PVA account for comments and upload. Do you know a Youtube PVA account seller ?

Thanks, I hope I have post in the good section, have a good day

Cloaking Issue

Hi guys,

A quick question regarding cloaking.

It is useful when you bid on forbidden keywords ?

My worry is that, in case of my campaign, the AdWords control is not on the landing page but first of all on the keywords I use.

Any idea ?


When is the next recession going to hit? 2 years ? 5 years?

Hey guys,

Recessions are a natural part of the economic cycle. There are ups and downs, just as with everything.

When looking at stock market growth over the last few years its easy to see that as a whole its continuously on an upswing.

With the introduction to these new crypto currencies and their absolutely COLLOSAL growth, in conjunction with the banks starting to lend money back out to people who can’t afford it (known from personal experience, have a friend that says it’s…

When is the next recession going to hit? 2 years ? 5 years?

Who’s trading (indices)?

Yesterday I was looking into the world of trading,
something I know very little of and never done myself.

I’m wondering if any BHW members are into trading (indices in particular)?
Would love to hear some stories, experiences, tips & tricks :)


Problems with ranking [Need Help]

As the title of the topic says, I have a problem with ranking.

The site is 9 months old, it got links at regular level. They were web 2.0, guest posting, and other types of directories, pdf sharing,audio shares …

After the fred, my site d…

Giving away 5 google reviews for free

I’ve got a few accounts that I need to ‘beef up’ to look legit on google.

UK businesses will take preference.

So I’m offering 5 free google reviews for your local business.

You must have a listing on google maps/business as that’s where the review will sit.

Post below with a brief of your business type I.e shop. Handyman, cleaner etc

Pms will be ignored. I’ll like and comment if I choose you

Don’t think I’m breaking any rules but it’s a quick win to spice up my accounts for…

Giving away 5 google reviews for free