Bank hard with Pin Submits! > 500$ /day

Hello to all members of the BHW
(excuse me in advance for my bad English)

It has been almost 2 years that I earn very well with PPI

I have been interested in PINs for several months, indeed the conversion rate is lower than PPI the gains are up to 100x higher (it is possible to win> 30$ per PIN submit
(depending on the country targeted)

Here is the list of countries that “cash” the…

Bank hard with Pin Submits! > 500$ /day

What IG follower panels are working right now?

I was using retention panel, but it stopped working for whatever reason and I can’t get a hold of the guy running.

Anyone know a good panel that’s working right now and has decent looking followers?

And yes, I know buying followers is bad, this is for a specific reason.

Chaturbate affilite

Hi, I am new! I want to do Chaturbate revshare. Where should I share my affilite link? Is this method still working? I want to make 5-10$ a day. Thank you.

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