Should I move from Paypal to Stripe ?

I’m doing fine with Paypal.

I have a business model where the user at the end of a path in my website can pay for a kind of training.

I put a button redirecting to Paypal where they can pay.

What I dislike with Paypal is that they ask for too much information about the client. And I might lose conversions from that.

But in another hand, Paypal is very well known, and the users might be more confident paying on their platform.

Putting stripe directly on my website for a one-click…

Should I move from Paypal to Stripe ?

Best Free Keyword Tool

Hello Folks

When it comes to keyword tools it really vary in responses depend on people experience and use cases,
Can you guys share your prospective for pros and cons of each tool regards Accuracy, Price, Speed & UI

(all below are freemium so yo…

Does a general store works?


It’s not really a general store because I would sell just jewelry, the domain is

So, would it work? Or do I need something like which is not available.

I’m so confuse, please help me.