Facebook pages reach zero when post link !?

Hello BlackHatwrold Sorry for my english !! i’m learn :p
In the last time .. when posting links in my Facebook pages one 40K and the other 20K … reached rate is zero or almost corrupt .. But when i post photos get a lot of comments and likes !!
Is there a solution to this problem ?
I want to help and thank you ..

How can I test that my cloaking script isn’t blocking real traffic?

I am using cpa redirector 2 because my old link was banned and also the affiliate link it was tied to was banned so I bought a new domain and used the cloaker.

The thing is I never knew how much real traffic I was getting before because 3/4 was bot traffic. This is useful now not to have bot traffic and only real clicks since I can actually check epc stats in my network readings now and get accurate results.

I become concerned though that I might be losing real traffic now.

My earnings…

How can I test that my cloaking script isn’t blocking real traffic?

.com or .shop extension for a shopping site?

I want to buy a domain name & hosting, which domain extension should I go for?
The website is for shopping purpose, an e-commerce/online store, going to try an online store for the first time.

[.shop] extension is there to buy and I think short names might be available too.
or is there anything else I should be aware of
.com might be good for the traffic I guess.

I’m confused, please help guys.
Also, share some suggestions for my first online store if possible.

How to start your own PBN and stay under G’s radar – part.1 Domains

Part.1: Finding, Choosing and Buying Domains.

It is my time now to share something useful with BHW. First of all, I would like to ask you to excuse me for my bad English. Now let’s get to the point. This series of posts aims to give you a jump-start on building, managing and benefiting from your PBN while keeping the costs as low as possible.

I will provide my theories, my experiences and the outcomes of me trying these on my own sites. So you don’t have to do the…

How to start your own PBN and stay under G’s radar – part.1 Domains

My journey to 100k subscribers updated

I was going to just update my last thread, but I figured I would just make a new one since I have learned a lot about YouTube and niche exploitation in the past month.

I started my journey on September 1, and was approved for monetization somewhere around September 7. I am attaching my analytics from the middle of September and just a few days ago to show how much this channel has been growing.

My goal is to generate about $1,000 on adsense and eventually get a Silver Play Button. I didn’t…

My journey to 100k subscribers updated

PHP Mirror Script fix .

Need a person to fix my mirror script to work for more sites(I cant mirror many sites yet).

Also some sites have increased my /temp folder size, so need this script to be normalize /temp folder size, whatever remove cache/bypass storing data ….