WEB 2.0 Backlinks Content Help!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Friends

i want to know in if web 2.0 backlinks content is not up to 100% topic same to the money site then this type of backlinks have some worth or not ? but niche is same ” for example in web 2.0 backlinks content is UK’s biggest gaming festival but my money site content is all about Super Mario Bros games ?
but both niches are same all about games ????????????

Freinds please clear this confusion thanks

Cricket is my Passion


My passion is Cricket,
My family advice, not to play or not to watch .. Study, Learn & get placed in good firm.

I chosen my passion as a Work..
Now, Studying & focusing cricket niche..

I own a Cricket Blog,
I need to increase tra…

Can I switch accounts on my home IP

I have 5 accounts operating on my home IP and I know that’s the limit.

I would certainly like to add an account for my business and abandon one of the existing 5 accounts.

Is there a risk for my accounts getting banned as Instagram would perceive my action as ‘6 accounts being operated on this IP’ or something like that?

Best regards

how to change to proper SILO if started ‘wrongly’?

long story short.
i already have a review site with like 15 articles that is made using wordpress ‘posts’
i heard that one should only use ‘page’ but not ‘post’ settings?

so if i already had like 15 articles in posts format, should i stop and change and start using page format?

How to make 1,500$ – 2000$ using Propeller and facebook only, You can start it today.

Hello everyone, I am on BHW like 4 years but only reading posts only.

Back in 2012 I made 800 euro from Google Adsense (Black hat way) just in 1 day, when my friend taught me how to make money from it. since then Adsense blocked my country and i moved to Propeller

So what is my method ?

If you have free 3 hours in a day , I guarantee you , you will make 30 $ just from air, and if you will be lucky you will make 300 $ in day.

so how to do it ?

You don’t need.

2.Coding Skills…

How to make 1,500$ – 2000$ using Propeller and facebook only, You can start it today.