Backlink Question
Domain Authority(Max = 100) 98.09
Page Authority(Max = 100) 39.12

Would it be worth anything to get a backlink from this type of blog
or because its a web2.00 its not really worth anything.


Hi all,

Just a question about keywords..

I have chosen my Keywords for my niche, but what do i do with them? Do i make sure to include them all on my index page? or include them all in my tag area on wordpress, or in my meta tags?

Any help?


Urgent Tips Needed For My Website

I have a website that has god iframes in it. Now I am thinking of adding some content in the page. Shall I add content and edit the existing iframe with text + images or shall I delete that page and make new page with words +image + iframe. Swag fo…

Value For Money Link Building Package

I’ve used a few link building services on here, and it’s really not come to much in the way of ranking improvements.

I know this is a question hundreds of people probably ask on the forum, but i want to see if anyone can give me an opinion (and some evidence if possible) of a good link building package working on the site, as I need to improve / diversify my link profile a little bit.

On a side note, do Press Releases still work?

Any opinions would be appreciated

Hello everyone

Hi, my name’s Grant, a SEOer. from the Texas and i’m 25 years old. working at A game gold store.

Making Instagram My B#*$H with Gram Dominator

I have Experience with Facebook Marketing, after reading may threads on Instagram and seeing people succeed i decided to jump on the bandwagon and make instagram my B#^$%. I spoke to @sam.hunt0710 and he will provide gram dominator.. I wannted to do porn method but i dont think i will have enough Discipline to not “get high on my own supply” if you know what i mean.

My Goal is to have over 100 Instagram Accounts and to be making $250 a day…

Making Instagram My B#*$H with Gram Dominator

I am new in Black Hat World.

I want expert member support for knowing technical knowledge and promote my small business. I’ll also share my small knowledge. Hope everyone will be very helpful.


Hey Guys
I am using facebook with JCI to generate calls.I am facing a difficulty actually the money page i have is working absolutely fine but when I cloak visitors are coming on the money page but they are not converting. what could be the reason ?