Followliker Crawl/Share Question

Hey there,

So I recently bought Follow Liker and am having an issue publish photos the way I want to. I’ve checked the included tutorial, Imristo’s and experimented myself. Ideally, what I’m trying to accomplish is to download a user’s photo with the original caption and post my own caption below it.

I’ve been able to get close to this by crawling a page’s RSS feed and adding my own custom caption to it. The only problem with this is that when Follow Liker shares the photo, my custom…

Followliker Crawl/Share Question

follow liker crawl settings question

is it possible to use the crawl feature to copy from another persons tweet and automatically tweet it? if so how do i do it? I did with the url of the username before but it also wanted to tweet other things as well?


Hi guys, I just opened this account because I’m interested in buying something. When can I drop a message?

Issue of redirecting the web page to drug store

My developer has analysed and the report says that, main server of the website may be hacked because some of website innerpages redirecting the web page to drug store.
When we are looking website from user end it is loading normal page. But when we …

Set accounts to Private

I have about 20 accounts and i want to set them all to private. I can’t use them on my phone, I am unable to set them to private through PC. I have follow liker but I don’t know whether it can help or not. Plz help me its urgent.

How I Sell a 1 day Shout-out for $50

I manage an Instagram account that is related to a niche I love. I’ve told in my other posts that it’s not what i do majorly for money that’s why I’m a bit selective in giving shout-outs.

So i have 21k followers and in this range you can hardly sell $10 worth shout-outs even as a permanent post.

Though you can’t do much if you use some service to get clients, so I’m talking about those who directly contact you (via DM).

As soon as they ask you about shout-outs or if you get a feel…

How I Sell a 1 day Shout-out for $50

Affiliate Amazon

Hello, I’m new on this forum. So I have been reading for a couple of days and I think I’m interested in Amazon Affliate sites. I will appreciate if I can be be pointed in the right direction for more direct details. Thank you.

competition in my niche question

Hello, I found 2 weeks ago an easy to rank niche that could earn good money from CPA, this niche consists of long tail keywords. I’ll need to make a post for each of those keywords ( each one with over 1K m/s and there is over 100 so there’s good traffic ) with each one KC of 20~25 according to KWfinder. I created the website a week ago and just made one article on one of those keywords which have a m/s of 3.4K. Today when I was checking SERP I saw my post is already on page 2 of Google for…

competition in my niche question