Facebook Organic Reach Is Low

My Facebook organic reach is lower than usual for all posts for the last week or two, anyone else noticing this? It’s affecting the amount of likes my page gets daily as well as the amount of likes the posts get


Amabella Allure Eye Serum If possibly on a diet, you would want to check the nutritional regarding the back of meals items an individual purchased any of them. The same should hold true with bath and body goods. Before you shell the actual money make t…

Need Regulary Google Reviews Australia

Hi guys,

I am looking for someone who can post reviews on Google beauty business pages with Australian legit aged old Gmail accounts.

Already had a bad experience with a black hat member who used VPN and brand new Google accounts.

2 Reviews needed…

WTH write social share locker code

Hi guys
I need a person that can write social share locker code.
1-It only unlock when people share my website.(not after liking )
2-optimize with mobile device
3- must contains share option of facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram, pinterest


Jr. VIP, Avatars, & Signature Questions?

Avatars – In order to upload a custom avatar, you must be a member of the forum for at least 30 days and have at least 50 quality posts. If you do not have 50 posts or 30 days on the forum, you may still upload one of our standard avatars by clicking …

Pump group? No. We have a pump exchange

RektEx.com An exchange made for pumping
Let’s take pumping to a new level!
We’ve created a whole exchange just for pumping. RektEx
People without a pump group can follow us on twitter @pumptrust
People with a pump group should contact admin @ rektex to find out how we work with other pump groups to help them make more money
People who just want to chat about pumping can join @thecryptogame on telegram

Python: can you make money with it?

A couple days ago, I started learning Python purely with the intention of making money with it. However, I actually liked it right from the beginning, and love to learn and practice Python. Now, I’m wondering: can I make some good money with Python, and if so, how long would it approximately take me to become skilled enough to earn money with it?

Like I said, I really like learning and practicing it. I was planning on launching a new ecommerce store two days ago, but Python has completely…

Python: can you make money with it?