ebay Dropshipping

I’m looking for several days and couldn’t find products that would be cheaper on other sites than ebay, even at aliexpress and other Chinese sites prices are higher than on ebay.. ))

Copyright Trouble possible?

I started online store selling t-shirts, hoodies, caps etc. of a well known car brand without any reselling licence. I am using a logo from “brandsoftheworld.com” which is said to not be in the use by the company anymore. Can I get in legal trouble for doing this?
Thanks anyone

Google Map Ranking Help

My Google map listing is not ranking at all.. It is at double digit and want to rank it higher…. Can anyone suggest me some way that I can use to rank it higher..

Please don’t suggest me your seo agency or any seo services… I want help not services Please help…!!

Thanks In Advance..!!

Where to buy UK residental socks? Help, please!

In need for UK socks, need to be different locations across UK. Previously used luxsocks, until recently they lost almost all socks (from 600+ to 40). Tried to find them on Marketplace – but everywhere are US and only some couple locations (if any) fro…

Alternative to Playstore

Hi guys, i have an app in the playstore that have copyright content, it streams anime, and today my app got removed, on 5k downloads, but i see that there is a lot of apps like mine, and have like 100.000 – 500.000 downloads.
Is there a way to save my …

Jarvee, temporary blocks

Hi, I’ve three account running on Jarvee with three differents proxy (ig proxy from highproxies).
Everyday, I stop Jarvee 3 hours to post from my ipad or iphone on those accounts.

Today the three accounts got a temporary like block simultaneously..

Do you know where it come from?

They were liking at respectively 600likes/day, 300 and 250.


Looking for stories of (ex) chat operators

Hi guys,

My name is Riccardo. Currently I’m assisting on a web documentary about online dating. We are looking for someone who has worked as a chat operator or who still works as a chat operator at an online (adult) dating site. We would like to get to know more about this topic. Of course we can communicate anonimously.

This is only being published in Dutch media. Not worldwide or anything.