What’s the catch with “Easy to rank Keywords” services

I see a lot of of those sales threads on the market place and I’m really considering purchasing some keywords. I saw a 100k M.S keyword for around $300. This makes me wonder what’s the catch behind this kind of services? Are te keywords that easy to rank? If they are that easy and have Cpc of $1 , why don’t the seller rank and bank himself with Adsense, he could easily make 1k+ per month? My plan is to invest $1,000 on a new project , so I would purchase the keyword for $300 and the other…

What’s the catch with “Easy to rank Keywords” services

Elite Private Proxies by SquidProxies – Guaranteed Working – Exclusive BHW Discount

Established proxy provider “SquidProxies” is pleased to offer a special deal on guaranteed private proxies for BHW.

* Fast Servers
* Unlimited Bandwidth
* Multiple Locations
* Non-sequential IPs
* Multiple Subnets
* Completely Ad-Free

Works great with:
* Google/Facebook/MySpace/Live/Twitter
* Scrapebox/SeNuke/Sick Submitter
* General crawling / scraping

Packages (after an exclusive 25% BHW discount):
10 Private Proxies – $18/m
25 Private Proxies -…

Elite Private Proxies by SquidProxies – Guaranteed Working – Exclusive BHW Discount

Hello BHW

I am new. I have already started reading the wealth of information here. I look forward to learning what I can in several areas. Thank you for allowing me to join.

Oh, I am Springly and I live in Texas. 8*)

Hiring People With Fast Internet Speed

I am hiring one more part timer with fast internet speed to do data entry work from home. You will be working 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. Pay can be negotiated. Send me a private message if you are interested. No experience is needed.

scammed by ThefrostIntel

Offering for Facebook ad traffic. Showing”real” excel spreadsheets and paying him the “pricely” sum of 250$ you dont hear from him anymore. Its been 10 days with no contact so be warned.

nopt sure if i can post real names but if you want thyem let me know as I am sure he will have multiple aliases apart from the

How do you outrank yellow pages, yelp, etc.? (Local SEO)

I was wondering if I can get some advice on how to outrank sites such as the yellow pages, yelp, etc. for local seo purposes. So far my strategy has been latching on to parasite sites ( I won’t named them for obvious reasons) I have been getting nearly instant front page rankings with no backlinks or anything using this method for local seo! However, I am having a tough time finding parasites that can outrank those sites (yellow pages, yelp, and other general sites such as this), websites…

How do you outrank yellow pages, yelp, etc.? (Local SEO)

Is 12USD per 1,000 words expensive?

i found a upwork freelancer and he sent me a sample of a product review I tested him on, it was perfect and he knows what his doing, before I continue I just wanted to know if this is worth it, he’ll write me 10 product reviews (top 10) and a buyers guide for $12/1000

If there’s cheaper good writers let me know. :)

Instagram Bulk Phone Verification

At the moment I’m creating around 1000-5000 IG accounts a day and verifying with email, around 5-10% of these will prompt for phone verification after a day, growing to around 30% after a week of heavy botting.

Ideally I would like to phone verify all of these accounts on day 1

I can access the confirmation SMS codes through an API, but entering them into the accounts is still a manual process.

Has anyone come across an elegant solution to automate the phone verification process? Or is…

Instagram Bulk Phone Verification