Good Idea or naaaaaa ?

Do people make websites ( Landing page ) then have a bunch of there adwaremedia links on there ? Like a huge survey website with alot of different kinds of links to surveys and email submits ? I think I could get more traffic to my links that way and …

Is this considered BH or WH?

Are doing 301 redirects from sites such as forbes, cnn, NY times BH or WH?

If BH, what is the risk involved in using this technique? I will use it for my main site. I just need somesort of link juice going on for now while I work on my SEO.


Crypto / Domain

Sorry I didn’t know where to post this considering it’s About a Domain sale about Crypto.

CryptoWorld Dot Com was sold yesterday for $194,888 U.S.D

The seller Mike Mann paid a reportedly $15 for it a few years back.

(Unconfirmed) The buyer is none other than “BINANCE”

Auction platform was SEDO

I’m holding several solid Crypto domains and was hodling till later this year to place them on auction but after seeing this sale I might list now.

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Need some help with a new site

I hope that I’m posting in the right section if not any moderator can feel free to move it to the appropriate place or delete the thread.

OK, so here’s what I need help with.
A friend of mine asked me to help him create a really simple website for his business. Basically what the site contains is the main page with some info then there is About Us, Contacts, Products(note his a wholesaler so the products are basically just few pictures with prices) and I’ll probably add a…

Need some help with a new site

How to edit Instagram Highlight Cover Image

I know how to add a highlight story/video to Instagram. And how to change/fix the cover image.

But, how about putting a cover image that is not on the video/photo? For example, if the video is about cats, no icons, just live cats playing around, nothi…