[HELP] Soccer Betting

Soccer Betting is a big money source but i’m always losing my money.

Is There Some strategy to make some money with Multiple BET ??

i don’t prefer Single Bets because i sould stake a big amount

i only can stake 1 or 2 $ due to my little bankroll

Targetting a general audience?


I have tested a few products on my store, and I got lucky to get one sale once. After that I haven’t had any success.

My question is, do you guys have any tips on how to try and find interests to target for a general product? I always try to link a product to some niche or hobby so I can target it that way.. but with some products I just can’t find anything like that.. So I would appreciate it if someone can share some tips on how to find interests for more general products?

Thank you

proxies / socks5 need

I am looking for socks 5/https proxies, I need raw list, not looking for software related click to grab proxy stuff. I need them for craigslist posting, not looking for high-end google/facebook safe expensive proxies since I will ONLY use them for craigslist but the more private, the better.
I am looking for 4K+ proxies and willing to work with monthly payments. I am looking for dynamic adsl/rdsl/3g/4g etc… proxies, anything that’s residential and not coroprate. Proxies can be bound to my…

proxies / socks5 need

Want to Rank my Businesses Houzz account

Hi Guys,

I want to get a businesses Houzz account ranked on page one when searching their company name.

Would it work to purchase a link building package to their houzz account and would that actually work to push it to the first page?

Can it be be…

Your average daily growth on Instagram?

Hey guys,

sorry for being one of the newbies..and if this thread is not meant to be in this section or has already been discussed several times..sorry in advance!

My question would be:

What is your average daily growth per account on Instagram? Obviously some grow more, some grow less…I’d like to find out whether I’m doing things right or whether I’m underperforming.


OGAds, conversion rate down by 50%?

Hello y’all.

I am currently doing the CPA+YouTube method and it’s going alright. The first 6 days I had 25-30% conversion rate on OGAds, and all of the sudden it dropped to around 5-13% and it has stayed like that for 3 days now. I have no idea what changed, I didn’t alter anything on the locker/video. I am getting twice as many views as before, but same payout or even worse than before.

Any clues anyone?

Maybe because it was weekend? Doesn’t make any sense though, but I can’t…

OGAds, conversion rate down by 50%?