SPRX virus

can anybody help me?

my colleague cant open her .docx files, because she is infected with the .sprx virus.

Can anybody help me with an encriptie or something?



wad up guy’s

I would like to introduce my self

I’m an 17 year old security researcher and an coder

I usually code VB / HTML / C++ / C# / SPRX / GSC / ETC

if u guys need any help at coding just msg me ;)

well , I will hope you guys will welcome me to this site xD

Battle: PPE, Conversion, vs Impressions

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Hey Guys, i’m launching a Facebook campaign for a product video that can gain traction via attention, i.e. a trending product.

I want to test out my target audience with three different optimizations: PPE, Impressions, and conversions (be it website views, ad to cart, purchase, etc).

PPE ads cannot be split test, so that will have to be its own campaign.
For a conversion campaign, I can split test with Impressions vs. conversions, so I’ll do that.

Does this…

Battle: PPE, Conversion, vs Impressions

Adsense question

i bought adsense account 1 year ago here on bhw.
tried to use on 1st site, then on 2nd site, then got it banned, dont know why – there was no any traffic almost on these sites, probably because of self-impressions.

can i buy another adsense acc and pu…

London Coffee Meetup?

Hello fellow hatters.

Would anyone in London like a coffee/pint meetup?

It’d be cool to network, share ideas.

I’m mostly into white hat PR, digital PR, and a bit of black hat social media.
Work with local business owners and fashion brands; based in East London.

Lets doooo it!

[edit] I just realized this isn’t the lounge…can a mod move this thread?