[Guide] How to View Crypto Prices INSIDE of BHW

I registered the domain BHWcoin.com around six months ago and, despite numerous people wanting to buy it, I have finally decided to put it to good use. While I do love the Cryptocurrency section and some of the interesting discussions it creates, there’s no denying that there are often a lot of unnecessary thread bumps by members updating the price of the coin.

Unfortunately, due to someone abusing JavaScript a few months ago, members can’t just embed…

[Guide] How to View Crypto Prices INSIDE of BHW

Posting images on IG from a desktop computer.

This thread is mostly for noob members and not for people with advanced technical skills. As you probably know, IG does not allow you to post images from a PC (desktop). So what do you do when you have no mobile device, or you don’t like to use a tablet or mobile for work? It’s simple:

Login to your IG page, then use Ctrl+Shift+i (or right click and select “Inspect”). In the right upper corner, a small window will appear that will allow you to click on a mobile icon as shown on the image…

Posting images on IG from a desktop computer.

Guestpost from German blog (2 yrs. old, PA 33, DA 24)

Hey guys,

I´m offering a guest post on my 2 years old German blog with 200+ articles. It has a PA of 33 and a DA of 24. It´s very well indexed and endless top 10 rankings.

The blog is about male topics like how to be an alpha male, how to deal with women, the male lifestyle (perfumes, fashion, working out), making money, business etc.

I accept only high quality German articles with at least 600 words. You´ll get 2 links.

One time payment of 50€ for my circumstance. No monthly fee. The…

Guestpost from German blog (2 yrs. old, PA 33, DA 24)

Crap Coin Recommendations

Looking to put down $200 per coin, on 10 different crap coins, and looking for recommendations. So time consuming researching all these. I have one on my list so far which is KIN, which has gone from 0.0014 down to 0.00035.

Preferably ones that are $0…

YouTube demonetizing even more!

My channels got kicked off the youtube partnership with the new requirements, fuck YT!

“To be approved, all channels need at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. This requirement allows us to properly evaluate new channels and helps protect the creator community.”