Am I just not doing enough or doing it wrong?

Hey Everyone,
I have an affiliate that I have sent 25710 click through to over the past year. It has only converted 3 times. I get that offers expire and some of these offers buyer have figured out the trick to the trail offers so they won’t convert. There is so many possible of why click throughs will not convert but I want to know if this is normal.

I reached out to my account rep and I have got no response and for the 3 that did convert a month ago I have not been paid on.

I figure…

Am I just not doing enough or doing it wrong?

SEO omitted results?

I’m trying to rank for certain keywords in the CPA niche and I’m ranking on page 5 for one of them.

However, with the other keyword, it only has 5 pages of search results and mine doesn’t show. It also says something about ommitted results and if I want to repeat the search results with them.

Here’s the message I get:
In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 78 already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat…

SEO omitted results?

Jarvee + VPS?

Hey community,

did anyone tried Jarvee with a VPS and can share his experience? Maybe you could recommend me a cheap VPS?

Thanks for every answer!


cannot tweet a link?

i dont follow at all, which i assume makes my account much safer.

i tweet 3-4 a day, and now a total of 50 tweets, among which 25% contain a shortened link.

just now, after i tweet, i couldnt see it without loging in. i deleted it and reposted…


Hi there!

Firstly, I want to say there is not a magic trick. In fact, it’s very simple.
So, contact Shopify via live chat. And say you need 1 month trial because there is a lot of work on your store and you don’t have the time and money right now (be creative). In 95% of cases, they will tell you there is no 1 month trial but they can give you 1 more week. If they give you more, you’re lucky.

That’s it!


2016 Gmail aged PVA


I am looking to buy 1,000 emails a month.

Only looking for aged 2016 gmail PVA. Preferably made with UK IP.

Looking to purchase asap.

Cantt receive PIN for ADSense verification

I know this is some random stuff right here…

But ive been waiting for my ADSense letter for a LOT of time, requested 2 times already expecting them to send it to my US Address

So, today i finally receive an ADSense letter.


I …