Browser Crypto Mining JV

Hi all,

I’m looking to JV with high volume traffic publishers / advertisers / web app owners.

Wheather you have large websites, you’re a part of a big network or just promote a lot of pops / adult…
I’m interested in doing a JV and monetize your desktop traffic in a unique way – legitimate browser mining (not coinhive).

I am open to the possibility of paying for valid clicks as well.
Like mentioned, this is related to crypto mining and is relevant mainly for desktop traffic regardless…

Browser Crypto Mining JV

My Top Rated Account + Your eBay Stealth Account=$$$

Hello, I’m selling on eBay and that’s not a problem for me. I can become Top Rated seller in 1 month if account is 3 month old.

I don’t know how to use stealth account and how to sell then. I think account with top rated account with 50 feedback and 400-20000$ selling limit will cost lot.

I’m searching for someone who can provide stealth accounts and then sell it when I will reach Top Rated seller.

Show me your offers.


Looking for Experienced Marketer to run ads on AdWords, Reddit, Facebook

As the title says, I’m looking for an experienced marketer to run some ads on Adwords, Reddit and Facebook. You set up the ads, get access to Google Analytics to keep track of success rate and optimize.

Budget: ~$3000
Timeframe: ~14 days starting this week
Compensation: 10% of the ad budget or the 5% other affiliates receive (your decision after knowing the project)

If the campaign is successful, there will be another campaign starting next year with a much higher budget.

Only Jr.VIP and…

Looking for Experienced Marketer to run ads on AdWords, Reddit, Facebook

Your Traffic + My Website = $$$

Hello there,

I’m looking for folks that can provide quality (and significant) traffic to my website that is currently growing steadily among a younger (teen) audience. I’m looking to significantly increase traffic in order to obtain user feedback and ideas to implement new features that are actually requested.

Can you provide any of the following types of traffic?

– English speaking traffic (UK, US, Canada, etc)
– Largely a younger demographic (teens is preferred)
– Social traffic…

Your Traffic + My Website = $$$

Anonymous/Elite Proxies

30 ht tp proxies server ( NOT socks )


Make $2 easily

Hi, I have contracted a company to handle orders for my e-commerce stores. I’m looking for a few people to make a purchase from my store. I will refund the purchase price and also give you an additional $2 for your effort. PM if interested.

Banned accounts in Instagram via Followliker

I added 60+ accounts in Followliker. Most of the accounts are phone verified and some are email verified. Our proxy provider is proxymillion. Proxies were set from Ha noi and phone numbers are from Philippines. Do you think this mismatch of information…