Complete noob need direction


I’m a little confused about how to get started with Wordpress. I can write a simple HTML .txt file. Say if that’s all I wanted for my website how do I get it on the internet through wordpress? I would also like to put a plugin I downloaded on the website. How would I do that? Does Wordpress host my site? Do I need to find a web hosting service?

Turn my Google hosted account to non hosted account -help

hello guys,

i have a google hosted ad-sense account since long time and i want to apply google non hosted account via it. Yes,i have build a website already and can some insight me how to apply non hosted through the Hosted account account?

Pls don’t forget to tell the path in-details ..totally newbie here , your help will be great favor

Scammed By TrickyBrains

User trickybrains scammed me for $45 USD worth in Bitcoin on Friday October 20th. The user promised to get my steemit post trending, however, they took the money and ran.

TrickyBrains has been recently active on BHW, and I sent them messages on skype…

I Need a adfly bot proxy bot ( No Trojen)

if anyone can supply let me know iam willing to pay 5$ paypal.
I am not Requesting bot programming i am just asking for a legit bot from the internet.
i know their is a working bot out their i had it 6 months ago but now i cant find it.
all are trojen….

Make $2 quickly

Hi, I have contracted a company to handle orders for my e-commerce stores. I’m looking for a few people to make a purchase from my store. I will refund the purchase price and also give you an additional $2 for your effort. PM if interested.

How to keep Ads on Bing longer

I have seen a few spam ads on Bing (uk bank mainly) and they have been on for a whole day. I filled it in and the owner contacted me. So I asked him how he does it but he’s not willing to share. Any help or advice here please? He said he used a script and he didn’t use Bing account also that it’s spam is not Ads. It just appear on the ads network. Lol please comment below