My 700+ phone farm

Personally, I spend a maximum of 3-4 hours a day on the farm.
I have an assistant who helps me with some phones, but basically my farm works in a passive mode.

On the video less than half of my phones

I have a lot of experience in farms, if there ar…

namecheap black friday coupons!!

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Dropshipping and Blogging

Hey, I was wondering how big your account for Twitter and Instagram were before you started making money with drop shipping or blog posts. Also which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance

Supid Question about IG?

I have 3 IG accounts with real 500 followers each, for example in one of my accounts I’m targeting Dog lovers niche, So i post 5 posts everyday “dog photos” and after 3 days i post a Teespring t-shirt,
do you think what i’m doing is wrong ?
I mean should i just post t-shirts not dog Pics?, I’m new at IG so just a small advice from you guys will be so helpful for me, Thanks in advance!