Crypto News writer required – Long Term

We are in the process of launching a new crypto related news site and looking for an author who can produce a lot of news content on a daily basis. Your job would be to write between five and ten articles each day (400 to 700 words each) which cover mo…

Instagram growth tools

Hi there,
I’ve been in touch with a guy selling a service to increase Instagram followers using some sort of automated tool, maybe a bot, I don’t know.

With your top hashtags, this guy does a research of your niche, set some parameter and this tool start following the right audience, liking them and after a while, he set another parameter and this tool start to unfollow. He said it’s totally safe etc….
Do you know this tool or something similar? He sells both the service and the…

Instagram growth tools

how to buy this domain

its been 2 months this domain .in is expired but i cant buy it, holding period is i think 45 days .


this message, i don’t understand
should i wait for 3 months

Advice me about expired domain

Hi everyone,

I have a headphones site and I’m finding a expired domain to 301 redirect backlink to my site. I found some sites as below:

Site 1:
– DA/PA: 29/34
– RD: 131
– TF/CF: 10/19
– Page indexed by Google: 184
– Subject: music

Site 2:
– DA/PA: 24/35
– RD: 51
– TF/CF: 14/20
– Page indexed by Google: 5
– Subject: music

Site 3:
– DA/PA: 26/37
– RD: 50
– TF/CF: 4/16
– Page indexed by Google: 15
– Subject: Home Improment

What should I choose to buy and make 301 redirect backlink for…

Advice me about expired domain

Post to social networks plugin

Hope this is the right area but I was wondering if anyone knows of a good plugin for WordPress that post you blogs when you publish them to social networks like FB, instagram, and whatnot. Is there one that you’ve used before that you know works well? Thx

Which affiliate networks are paying best to their affiliates?

Hello Everyone,

I am beginning to sell clothing, mobiles, laptops, books and other things on my facebook stores so I am looking for best affiliate networks that pay best to their affiliates. Regarding Amazon, I have heard that they don’t count purchases from referred customers if those purchases come after certain period of time. Is it true?

I want to work with best and good paying affiliate networks. Please suggest.

Thank You