I Have Uncovered My Competitors PBN


I am somewhat new to SEO and PBNs, but I was doing some investigative work this weekend and I was able to use Ahrefs to find a series of blogs that my competitors are posting to in the comments. The blogs look like total bs so I assume they are…

Domain Authority vs Trust Flow etc.

i want to buy some backlinks but i’m not sure what to focus on. if you were buying backlinks from a pbn which of these four factors would you consider to be the most important for the referring site to have?

a high citation flow

a high domain authority

a high page authority

a high trust flow

in other words, which of the above will give your site the best boost?

Waiting for Marketplace thread approval…

I bought a marketplace seller account upgrade for $500, and made a thread on the 7th of February waiting for approval, which should be about 5 days. To date, I haven’t gotten any messages from anyone and don’t know what else to do.

Hy People

Hello to all. Hi, I am new here and I’m acahando this wonderful community, lots of information is good , I am new in seo BH but I hope I can become a beast with the knowledge shared here and taking hot things to share I’ll be posting. thanks.

What movie streaming site do you use and why?

Hey guys I was just wondering what movie and tv streaming websites everyone uses? The ones I’ve been using lately are starting to slow down, takes forever to load or plays then stops, which is starting to get annoying. Then I started to look for new ones and noticed a lot of these sites are templates of one another. So I’m guessing they’re all hosted from the same server, so if one site is slow they’re all slow…smh

Anyways, I was just wondering what sites do you use and why?


What movie streaming site do you use and why?

{FREE} Giving Away Full Version Paigham Bot-Contact Form Submitter License Keys

UPDATE To Below.: I have handed out all the licenses but have one left. I think I missed someone that was in the top 50 posts. If you posted in the first 50 but did not receive a license please let me know, else I will have one more license to give out.

Thanks Much

Hi everyone. I am giving away 50 free licenses for Paigham Bots Full Version Software. This is a contact form submitter and social account, website and email address lead generator.

I don’t need private…

{FREE} Giving Away Full Version Paigham Bot-Contact Form Submitter License Keys

Is it possible to hide or mask your backlinks?


I was just wondering if it’s possible to hide or mask your backlinks from tools like ahrefs? The reason i ask is because i’ve found a site that is ranking numner 1 for a really competitive keyword and i wanted to reverse engineer his backlinks but according to ahrefs he only has 9 backlinks which i find hard to believe. His website is:


The reason this of interest to me as is because i am trying to rank for the same keywords he is.

Any ideas peeps?

The current state of Youtube views (February 2018).

Not so long ago a massive disruptive update was implemented inside the Youtube views algorithm. And like dominoes, each big and small player in the SMM niche fell like dominoes, cancelling practically every single views orders that was put into their panels. From my understanding, some highly known methods were patched, and now the only few methods left are what some providers are calling “real views” , “slow as hell views”, which cost a ton of $$$ to produce.

I call upon the great minds…

The current state of Youtube views (February 2018).


I want to enlarge my traffic. I have 0.20$ per day… If i buy traffic from where ? And what is the price ?
I use jarvee but i dont have vps