Site with over 1k backlinks per domain?


Looking at a niche that appears to be high comp on the surface. Digging a little deeper, the #1 site has over 5k backlinks from 150 domains. One domain looks like a PBN (appears in Ahrefs), and is completely off topic.

The backlinks appear to …

How I made $600 today

Hey blackhatters I hope all is well today. I was at work today as a parking agent for the Georgia Dome and I was helping people who worked there park. After most of the workers parked over half the lot was left vacant and I still had to be there for some time. There was a soccer tournament later and everyone else was charging except us because we were employee only parking but our supervisor wasn’t around so one of my new coworkers came up with a brilliant idea. She told me that as long as…

How I made $600 today

GSA Ser 2017 How Do You Use It (Strategy)

I have been mostly building links manually but i wanted to learn most important things about SEO and ranking any Shit(not literally). However, using GSA is quite hard for a newbie, plus making a good Strategy is something which will take months or year…

Download MUsic (how?)

okay its been a very long time since ive downloaded music and back in the day i use to use limewire to do it or torrents if i wanted a whole album.

So i want like 20 songs quick and not downloading from youtube then removing the video etc etc etc…..

so any sites or something with lots and lots of music for free

i don’t care if its legal or illegal i just need to get some more tracks lol

thanks :)


I wanted to ask cpa gurus in the house various ways to promote cpa offers with out incentives(paid traffic) and which method is the best


[Help] What Else Should I Do?

Hello there!

I’ll try to be as direct as possible.
I’m a freelancer, and that’s my main source of income. I work on two platforms and I’m pretty successful, I guess.

I’d like to diversify my sources of income.
I started a MNS, wrote some content, and currently working on building links slowly. Not that successful so far, but it’s okay. I applied for Mturk a week ago, so I can guarantee my beer money.
I’ll also be creating a Y.T channel with my g.f soon.
I used to spam F.B.

My question is:…

[Help] What Else Should I Do?