Some warnings and warm advices for newbies

Hi all.
I would like to give from my knowledge and experience for those who are entering this world of sites buying and selling. I will relate to Flippa as it was a marketplace I was following for some time but it could refer to any marketplace and to …

Shadowbanned AGAIN

Since today, all my NEW posts are getting shadowbanned again. This is the second time this happens. The only thing i have changed is that i have switched to SSL on my webpage. I thought maybe Instagram shadowbanned me again for the 301 redirect of the link in my bio. But even after i changed the adress in my bio to https new posts won’t show up in the hashtags. My older ones though are still showing and even some in the top posts. What the hell is that shit? I fucking hate Instagram for this…

Shadowbanned AGAIN

Google Adsense


What’s happen when google make an payment but bank account is blocked and they can’t open it again? Money come back on account and they will sent again on new bank account or what? please help.

What are the benefits of Jr.VIP?

I’ve been around on the forum from a few years back, mostly lurking.

I’m trying to get more involved these days.

I’ve looked into getting JR a couple years back and now more recently, it asked for my VAT number, which is fine but it made me think most got it for selling a service, which I wouldn’t be doing so, hopefully gaining more knowledge and sharing my own knowledge and experience!

I’m aware some or perhaps most obtain it for selling a service (although it doesn’t guarantee you will…

What are the benefits of Jr.VIP?

Question about Moteefe

Hey Guys,
I was just planning to promote and sale tshirt from teespring,teezily or sunfrog through my Facebook page.
But after googling I found a site called moteefe,com.
Does anyone have experience of working in this site?
Which one should I cho…


I have been seeing few post always {{give up|Quit|No more} seo}

What I can say is – SEO is about PATIENCE, For some website we would see the SERP in a 1 week time for some website it take 30 to 40 days, so keep your work going sure will see the SERP improvement.

Below is the basic method.

Article: ​Take a unique article and re-write is to 10 article. I got succeed with spun(manual) article, I can see in the forum few wont recommend(I left it to reader choice).

List: (I…


wtf google adsense

hello guys so i applied to this shit google adsense yesterday and guess what after 2 hours i got this on my email, my content is not generated and my website is clear and you can navigate in it easily but adsense decided to say hell no
this is frustr…

OGads New Strategies

Hi guys i Recently signed up for OGads and got accepted the platform is AWESOME, giving you all the tools you need the LPs and the content lockers all you need is a Domain to make a redirect.
Saw alot of strategies for promoting such offers with thier landings the most effective was instagram accounts but i asked my Affiliate manager and told me that it’s an Old strategie doesn’t work nowadays.
Does anyone know any New strategies to promote OGads offers?