Hello all, excited to join the community of BHW. I see there is a lot of useful information here! Great community


CordycepsSinensis – this wellbeing helpful common fixing is normally extricated from a mushroom. Here it has been utilized to go about as a sexual enhancer. Calcium Carbonate – this is really a mineral that has been utilized as a part of the supplement to improve the procedure of processing. Folic Corrosive – this is an essential fixing which has various medical advantages in the body which has been utilized as a part of the supplement to advance a solid kidney and better liver capacity.

Need help with CPA

Hello my friends,

First of all, im sorry for my bad english or if i have posted this thread in the wrong section.

Now, back to business.

I got like 4 accounts on INSTAGRAM with a Total followers of 85k.
(60k International , 25k Dutch)

I want to lea…

My PBN whacked by deloton.com virus


ay this is annoying.

right now just one of my blogs got infected, trying to clean it.

usually its plugin/theme but I use theme from wp repository a…

Facebook Zero Reach Problem?

A lot of us have been hit with Facebook’s zero reach due to clickbait headlines. How many times has your page been hit with zero reach and what is your experience with it? Please let me know

Want that [View Image] button back on google? Read this.


I am not sure if people are aware of the “latest” google update removing the view image link on their images section. Luckily there is a developer that made the plugin for firefox and google chrome to get that button back again.



Posting this quickly…

Want that [View Image] button back on google? Read this.

Hi friends! motivated amateur ready to go!


How I found out about BHW is an interesting story. In short, a (what I would consider IM successful) friend of mine introduced me to the power of SEO about a year ago and I wasted A LOT of time thinking it was a quick thing. Put up a blog site, throw content, throw adsense and retire. I’ve definitely learned my lesson.

The next tip he gave me was the link to BHW and after reading t0mmy’s post about making money online I feel a new urge to learn and move forward in this space….

Hi friends! motivated amateur ready to go!