I want to hire a VA but need some advice.

Hey guys and girls, I’m looking to hire a VA but I need some advice on how I can monitor and make sure the job is done properly by hand and not automated.

Here is the situation. I am selling on a site and need to have someone do the very tedious task of following other members. It’s all really easy stuff, the following is much like the following on Twitter, which is something else I would like for the person to do too. So just pressing page down and pressing follow and doing that over and…

I want to hire a VA but need some advice.

Hello everyone

I’m new here. I’ve been a long time member on some other forums since 2003 and just found this site. I hope to spend many years here.

Is anyone experiencing problems on fiverr?

I work at fiverr for about 2 years
In the first year was everything great, I was getting on average 5 requests per day, that was around 1k per month.

But after some updates that they gave on the site, my requests were steadily dropping more and more

Recommended VPS?

So I’ve played with aws and digital ocean before, but those require paying by credit card, and I feel like they’re too easily traced.

Any vps recommendations? In terms of anonymity, bandwidth, price…etc?

Unable to follow

I’m facing one issue. When i follow someone. Profile got followed. But my following is not increased..

Suppose if i follow 20 ppl. Following list will increase.. But if i follow 100 ppl.. Following will not increase.

IG + OgAds Journey 10$/day


Hello BHW Fam, I am a total noob on CpaGame but I have the determination and motivation to accomplish my goal, which is $10/day.
I want to thank @DEADZ for his CPA guide & @Sohaib3594 to have taken the time to answer all my questions.

I started with 2 accounts , while I’m warming up 20 ig accounts i will scale up my accounts gradually.

GMT 2 Bot:…

IG + OgAds Journey 10$/day

[GIVEAWAY] 10* 400 word crypto/reviews/others articles

My partner and I have recently ventured into the content writing space and would love to get some feedback to see where we could improve our services.

So, here is what we are offering:

10*400 word articles, 4 cryptocurrency oriented articles (since that’s what we specialize in at the moment)
Other 6 articles can be of any niche including but not limited to product reviews, fashion, digital marketing and ecommerce niches.

Eligibility for this giveaway is to have above 400 posts and/or a…

[GIVEAWAY] 10* 400 word crypto/reviews/others articles