tool for post pic on IG

Hi guys,i’m looking for a tool for post pics on IG,because if i post from bluestack,than when i launch FollowLiker with a proxy,IG requiere me to verify the account by email,anytime i post a pic. So i need a tool,for post with proxy

How to make a big fan page?

Hi! I need to make a big fan page. It’s for a band but there will be great content posted daily.

I want to use Facebook ads to get likes. Any idea how much it would cost to get 100K + only targeting US users?

Looking to exchange original content for credit back to source

Hello all!

I create original comics/animations on my facebook page weekly.
I’m looking for anyone who runs a large facebook page and is open to posting original content in exchange for credit back to the source fanpage.

I’m primarily looking to work with facebook pages that are over 50k+ (Tier 1 Countries/USA/UK/CA)

Please feel free to pm me if you’re interested in working together!


IG Marketing Quesitons

So I just started to get into IG Marketing and make some cash. Like any newbie, I have some questions –
Q1. Can I create multiple Instagram accounts using the same e-mail(Gmail dot trick)
Q2. How do I show my offers(sponsors I will give)?
Should I just write my prices in the bio or say”For Business Purposes Contact
Q3. Are 10 accounts enough to start?
And I am thinking to earn using the following methods –
Are there more ways to do…

IG Marketing Quesitons

How to hide a link in an image?

posted here because its for SEO purposes.
Lets say im giving you an image to post on your website, I want that image to be a backlink to my website.

How do I code a link back to my website into that image? I know theres a way to do it, tried googling it for the past 2 days but cant find an answer

Im not talking about the <a href> tags and stuff like that, I mean a link that you “cant see” that is embedded into the image, and once you post the image it has a link back to my site.


How to hide a link in an image?