Deal poster available

If someone looking deal post and also looking service please add
i can Usa , uk and german
I have 1000 account on Slickdeals
I sell upvote too

How many links per domain from PBN to money site?

If you have a PBN of ~ 100 domains and you only have one money site, how many links per domain will you put from each domain to your money site?

At the moment, I’m doing 3 from each domain to only one money site. If i were to increase to 5, will the rankings drop?

[Journey] From zero to a complete freaking hero

Hi guys, I’m done with all the shit in my life, I’ve been learning IM and Money making craft for all most 1.5 years and I haven’t done shit with all the knowledge. I tried to do some journeys some time ago, tried some methods I found here on this forum, but dropped everything after a week or two of trying because I’m a lazy cunt. But now one thing led to another, so I decided this time will be different. I have everything planned out and the main goal would be to have a full grown company by…

[Journey] From zero to a complete freaking hero

Amazon associate under business name?

I currently have an amazon associate account under my name. I’m thinking of start multiple authority sites with medium investment under a single business name like xxxx pvt Ltd or xxxx LLC. like a small business. Is that possible? how? anyone doing like that?

Hello Experts,

I am hear something about negative SEO… What is that?? How it can be done?? and what is the affect of negative SEO on a particular website..please tell me about this..

If you went back 400 years how would you get rich?

Things like farming, building, whatever.

Assume you’re 10 years old in 1617, so you have about 30 years to make the most in life.

I was thinking about this question at first I was like, I’d just steal shit, but realistically you couldn’t steal enough to get rich could you?

You would have the knowledge that you have right now.