Cache Date and Rankings

Is it safe to assume Google has re-evaluated a webpage for ranking when the webpage cache is changed in google index? Any tips on getting Google to re-evaluate a page?

Unique IP PBN effect for google rank?

Hi Masters

Do someone here have experience or knowledge about host 2 PBNs in 1 iP and those both PBNs have link to one money site? Can the money site be rank #1 if all links structure like that? And what is the risk if we do structure IPs like this?…

vidIQ cause google unusual traffic?

Learned about this plugin in one of @Cryogenesis post’s but every since I installed it I get those random google messages where I have to fill in a capcha because my IP generates unusual traffic.

Now I already checked all my programs and did multiple VS and multiple malware scans but no problems.

Anyone know if it has something to do with the plugin before I disable it and monitor it for a week.

Facebook keeps disabling my new account

Hello guys,
i don`t know if the thread must be here but i really need your help.
I read a lot of threads here for facebook accounts and etc. so here is my problem.
I had a FB account maybe 3 years old and one day ( i was browsing through FB app in my…


From Yesterday:

So my accounts start getting blocked by instagram because of suspicious activity. And i need to reset password everytime it happens. Right now it happened again when i was updating the profile BIOs via GramDominator (now i don’t know if this happens because of gramdominator or not, i can’t use the inbuilt browser, so i’m selecting all accounts and right click and click on update instagram profile.)

This happened before with all accounts also. I’m using semi-dedicated…


Best and worst horror movie?

Going to see IT tonight hoping it will scare the shit out of me. It made me interested in what your best and worst horror movies were that you have seen (no spoils) .


Best: The conjuring (seriously its amazing)

Worst: two girls one cup (yeah just don’t watch it)

Starting an online store, need advice

My budget is 3500 Euros, I made myself a small plan and it goes like this.
2000 Euros on a stock as I want to own the stock because the store is targeting people from only one country and the delivery time to be as small as possible. The niche is woman clothing, I choose a big niche because I want to go on profit in the first month, a lot of competitors I know but there is room. As I said 2000 Euros, the rest 1500 Euros will go in fb ads and the rest in expenses. I’m a bit afraid…

Starting an online store, need advice

How to generate pageviews for the sole purpose of better analytics?


I’m new here and also a complete beginner at Black Hat stuff. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with this.

How can I generate/create visits to my website for the sole purpose of making my analytics look stronger. I’m not using Adsense or any other network so I’m not trying to generate clicks on ads etc. I have traffic on my site already, I just want to boost the numbers a bit. Could someone please guide me where to look or how to do this? I should mention that I…

How to generate pageviews for the sole purpose of better analytics?