Who copied Who

Okay, so this is a white hat question talking about something blackhat, So, I guess this would be in White Hat SEO.
My question is, that what if I publish an article on my website, and it doesn’t index on google yet, But someone else, comes to my website, steals the article, and publishes it on his website,
And gets it indexed by Google by submitting his page.
Now, when Google comes to crawl my website, it…

Who copied Who

Best freelancing website and the latest

Hi blackhaters,

Couple of weeks ago, I read about a guy who is looking for the best freelancing sites. I am interested, one of the member enumerated those top freelancing websites like guru.com, peopleperhour. I am looking for that old thread, need freelancing website to sign up to, because of my growing network, I need to join top websites even it is paid. I just don’t need ifreelance, this website is not good, this website is good for deducting monthly subscription for a negative or zero…

Best freelancing website and the latest

Easy way for beginners to make $10/$20+ a day.

This is my first thread to help people/beginners make some cash online.

Many of you will have seen this before or even maybe done it yourself.

Steps –

1) Make accounts on 10kHits.com & Short.es.

Non Referal Links

2) Start using 10kHits to surf the web & earn points (They will be used later.)

3) Go to shorte.st & shorten a link to anything (This can be your own website or something random) It doesn’t really matter.


Easy way for beginners to make $10/$20+ a day.

Method How i make 70$ + a day with proof

i dont just use that one website check out the other 2 in the description also check out my video’s.
if you get premium on the site you earn more from the commision also which is something to ponder.
you can use traffic exchange sites to fuel your youtube and montenize on adfoc as well good luck! and remember its 99% perspiration and 1% genius. work smart but hard and you can achieve anything. put in the time for the results you need.

Changing Verified Twitter Username


I have heard a handful of people separately tell me that they know people who successfully have had their usernames changed on Twitter. I cannot find ANY information on this. I have a verified account, really want to change the username. Thanks…

how are VCCs sourced?

Just wondering where the Virtual Credit Card suppliers here get their VCCs? The whole concept is pretty strange, buying a credit card number from a random person on a blackhat forum. How can I be sure its not a stolen credit card number?


How I approve my google Adsense?

It took me more than 6 months to approve my Google Adsense. I was frustrated and have tried more than two times but I failed. For the very third time, I was fully prepared and obeyed all the Adsense policy and it gets accepted. I was glad and happy tha…