WordPress make Main Menu wide

I have a website have logo and main menu in the middle of the screen and i want to make it wide….
Please tell me how i can make it while wordpress theme is desinged in php and which while i have to edit to make it wide?

MSG for admins
sorry for posting in wrong Section I was unable to post in Web Designing and i don’t know then which is most suitable
so its request to admins move my post in proper section

Help about Jarvee

This will look like spam i rly cant find answer to my question will Jarvee work even if i turn PC or have to work 24/7
And should i shedule my post for Instagram at full clock (example first post 10:00 AM second post 3:00 PM and so on or should i do so…

Making a second personal fb ads account or buying an aged one?

Looking to get back in the fb ads game. I got my fb ads account banned ages ago (for doing whitehat stuff obviously) and was wondering if it’s a good idea to create a second personal account to use?

I’ve never used a cloaker and used to get good ROI running bh ads even a year ago. Is it a good idea now? What if I just buy a random aged fb account and run ads with different cards in my name?

Please recommend the best Instagram Followers service

I am looking for a provider that can send 5k+ followers within the next couple of days along with likes and comments on the photos.

These are valued personal accounts that needs that initial boost for social proof, so no shitty services please.

Please recommend someone you’ve done business with more than once and you are certain of the quality. Your recommendation is highly appreciated!

Twitter Drip feed real looking engagement?

Hey some people ask me to do promo for them on twitter that means repost etc.

I want to create that real looking drip feed engagement added to that tweet constantly so they will come back for more promo to me

+ if you know of any similar service for …

What is considered a religious topic here?

I know it is not allowed to talk about religion here, but I want to know more information about what exactly not allowed.

I assume debating whether a theory is true or false is something surely not allowed. For example if someone was buddhist and made…

$20 – $100 Online Investment Methods

Looking for investment ideas. I am working full time and want to do something useful in my free time. What are some good online investment options within the range of $20 – $100 within medium time frame. Am not looking for get rich over night methods n…