Does anything like this exists?

I run a local service which includes going to peoples houses.

Although the feedback I get back is great, the idea of leaving reviews seem to be taboo to most of my clients.

Unfortunately, I do get a few clients who didn’t like the service for one thing or another.

However, I’m looking for a way to possibly after every service an email goes out to the client (I collect everyones email and number on booking) and to rate the service.

If good > Send them to a review page such as Google or…

Does anything like this exists?

I need help with revenge

Hi all,

I’m just a regular struggling dad to 4 kids and a husband to a wonderful women with crippling anxiety. I’m an honest hard working citizen that pays my bills, taxes and doesn’t take advantage of government programs and suck the system dry. So its a struggle sometimes to provide for my family. All of this I can handle. What I can’t handle is pieces of trash that have nothing better to do than sit at home, hack into other peoples accounts and steal money.

This has happened to me…

I need help with revenge

Black Hat Token (BHTC) Announcement

Introducing Black Hat Token (BHTC) – The Internet Marketing Cryptocurrency

ERC20 Compatible Token – No-Reserve, zero pre-minted, 100% Open Source Token(*)
Symbol: BHTC
Contract Address:…

Sound of desperation – GSA

one week ago, i buy GSA Software and all requirment to use it. i saw the Mathew’s video and try to make a campaign.

After 1 day, there a problem:
-Submited 204 and verified 156 why so low? i dunno what is wrong
-There a message appear that my Private proxy get blocked on Google GB, Google Us and others… why this is happening? i buy 10 private proxy from

FYI: i dont have a list.. its scraping the list alone…

just stop the campaign i think i need to learn again from the…

Sound of desperation – GSA

Newbie introduction

Hello guys,

A blackhatworld newbie here.

I have a lot of experience with Facebook marketing and earning throguh Adsense, however I’m lacking knowledge in reddit which is where I want to spread.

I’m looking forward to tips and tricks from other members and I would definitely offer my knowledge for other members.


Search Views & Suggested Views

Loaded up a new video, bought 5k views and the vid is ranking pretty good and getting traffic. I now realized that 90 % comes through search results and only 10 % through suggested. (After the bought views were done, obviously) Thought it was the thumb…

Looking to buy safe and legit 100k USA Likes

I haven’t been able to find a service for this as most of the facebook page likes seller are selling harvested/farmed likes and they are low quality/fake accounts. What I want is safe and legit 100k USA FB likes, ideally age group of 16 to 24 – American high school kids but I’m pretty much fine with it as long as its REAL USA FB likes. I don’t trust FB ads so please don’t suggest that. If you know of any way I can get 100k USA likes, please let me know. Thank you.