looking for collaborations – beginning

I joined the e-commerce scene 2 months ago selling women clothes and I find it exhausting to grow up your social media in a legit way, I comment/like/follow manually around 100 people a day. In 2 months I managed to grow my IG to 230 organic and FB to 380 (paid ads), but it’s too much work and too much time used for a very, very small reward…. I look for people to collab with especially in this niche and area who want to grow white hat.

DeathByCaptcha Tool / recaptcha V2 solving tool

Is there a simple tool that connects to the DeathByCaptcha API via Login details and gives out coordinates how to solve the Recaptcha v2 captchas.

Image something like this:

1) Recaptcha V2 Captcha pops up

2) you press ‘solve’ on that tool

3) it gives out 1,5,7 as coordinates on how to solve the captcha.

I wasted way way too much time trying to solve this using imacros/zennoposter etc.
I would like to use DeathByCaptcha because I bought a lot of captchas there some time ago
but at…

DeathByCaptcha Tool / recaptcha V2 solving tool

New here, but always eager to learn a lot :)


my name is Vero(nique), 28 y.o. blondie, living in Belgium. Worked 10 years as wholesaler and since 2 years I try to learn more about internet marketing. I think I am honest, respectful, warm-hearted and very, very willing to learn new techni…

The Most Ridiculous Email I’ve Received In My Life

So yeah, a competitor just messaged me through my WHOIS site.

For your information, I run an eCommerce site selling shirts, and other fashion accessories.

Here’s what a competitor emailed me (he/she most probably got my personal email from WHOIS. I forgot to renew my WHOISGUARD).

The Most Ridiculous Email I’ve Received In My Life

Hello BHW Community!

Johnny Here,

I have recently started my journey into the eCommerce business and was recommended this amazing site by a friend. It is an honor to be here and I am looking forward to learning from you all. I hope to make some new friends along the wa…

find keywords in google analytics

Hi guys!
As i will start an online business i would like to know:
* how to find a certain keywords for a niche ? to match with my futur home page description
* and what people type when they want to look for my business ?