redirect affilate link

Hi, i want to create an affilate to my instagram websites, and i have question, how to maksed link? Or should i create website, then put some items on site, and place backlink to my website ?

What ecommerce platform do you use?

People are getting smarter day by day. Before making a final purchase we start searching on internet.That’s how internet leads us to create web shop, online store, online deals etc. Now online shopping is getting popular.

Many people start creating online shop. It is also helping us to earn lots of money. Creating an online shop is now getting so simple, many platforms are even free. What ecommerce platform do you use?

Black Hat SEO

I have a new shopify site, it’s all set up, i need some help with SEO and Reddit + Imgur black hat M
Is there a trustful someone to help me?

Let me know about prices and methods.

Thanks a lot.

Youtube New Rules

new rules
1) have 1,000 subscribers.
2) have 4,000 hours of view time in the past 365 days