Article spinner

well, i guess I’m too bad at rewriting soi guess I’ll use some spinner there.

I hear spinnerchief and wordai are the best. any of them actually work

I mean I can do a little bit of editing too.

do you guys have any idea? any help would be great

Easy trick to make your FB ads cost less and bring better results!

I’ve been able to consistently have 3000 reach for $1 (one of my posts is at 2m reach with $750 spent, all similar ads produce these results) in a second world country with this method, and I’m collecting emails for cents.

Here’s a thing I’ve been doing for the past months to collect email leads:
instead of linking your landing page in the facebook ads, use a persuasive text and a good image. Encourage people to like and comment on the post (to drive up engagement, therefore more reach for…

Easy trick to make your FB ads cost less and bring better results!

Hello from Spain!

im just a developer, doing an script to perform some webservices requests, so i am looking for Autorotation proxys, the more locations/Ips/threads the better.


(LF) senuke TNG user

can someone gimme the newest information about this software?
is it good or not?
if posibble i need someone who have a lot experience using this tool

thx bhw^^

WP – Robot Plugin

Any one can give me wp – robot plugin nulled me with email for activation please i need it
I don’t have money to buy it
Anyone can help me ??