Youtube New Rules

new rules
1) have 1,000 subscribers.
2) have 4,000 hours of view time in the past 365 days

Do you need a registered business to do dropshipping?

Well i had some ideas pop up onto my head and i want to test them out.

I want to try dropshipping with my methods, but i was wondering if i need a registered business for that? Most payment processors ask you for your business information so yeah.

I’m just asking because i want to test my methods first, i don’t want to open a business and then see my method fail.


What cars did you own?


BMW Z3 roadster – my first car, it was true love and she is still in my heart.

Lancia Delta 2012 – Bought because it was very luxurious inside and I was wanting more space than my old 2 seats z3, but it wasn’t really fitting my “style” and I don’t really needed all this space at the end lol

Now – 2017 Infiniti Q30 liquid copper – Seen it one time IRL in this exact colour and i felt thunderstruck. Very luxurious inside but minimal at the same time.

What were yours?

Followliker is not working anymore?

hello everyone. I have over 100 IG accounts it used to be working well for me in the past but over the last 6 months I started getting many issues by followerliker in such not posting photos or commenting or anything else.

I run 35 account per window…