Article Marketing Other Then Ezine Articles

i wanted to try article marketing, posted 5 articles to ezinearticles it mite have taken over 6 months for all of them to get approved. like 30 views on a couple and i have some backlinks on there

does anyone have experience with submitting articles a…

All backlinks gone when not using https

Hi, I just check one of my site in majestic, when i’m using https it shows that my site has 7k backlinks, but when i’m searching using http it shows nothing. How is it possible?

Now I know why I’m not ranking on that keyword anymore :(

i hv health leads[need advice]

Hey guys,

Need some help, i hv fresh quality leads which intrested in health but they are from india
how to monetise?
i dont think clickbank offers wont work for indian leads….any other suggetions?

Verified Amazon Reviews

I need regular amazon regular reviews, will send you product price in pp, u buy using ur card, product will be delivered to you, then review and I will send you $3-5 / review depending on the product.

This will be a long term job, only people who are…

Strongest Parasites?

Trying atm:
ebay-kleinanzeigen (best one so far, but link not clickable)
facebook notes

any other suggestions from you?

plz dont ask me what I am doing, k?