Who Is Interested In PDF Rebranding?

Is anyone interested in rebranding pdf files as a marketing technique, or has this become outdated? Just taking the temperature here.

I have some code lying around that I may be tempted to put back into service on a web site if this were something tha…

Greetings, and stuff

Hi I’m OSO, you can call me OSO. I once was a lead vocalist of a new kind of band whom was sticking to a new genre but things changed between me and the member, I experience life on the bottom of the totem and it traveled me to another place in the world and now I’m just OSO… Cheers to my band 80sBand, I miss you 4 but life goes on…

Where can I find people or a person who would lend me money?

I’m starting a website and I need someone to invest/lend in it. Where can I find people who will invest in the website. It’s obviously not legal. The website is in the “Grey hate” area. So I didn’t know where to search or whom to ask. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

Edit – I ain’t asking for money here. I just want to know where I can find people who’d lend me!


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Help with Paypal API Signature

Hi guys,

So i have a personal Paypal account and before (like a few months ago) i was able to retrive my paypal api signature so i can include them into my aldropship store with no problems.

Now i\m going on paypal -> seller preferences -> api …