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How long does this take after purchase to receive an activation code? (i have waited 4 hours so far after purchase) does anyone have any experience? Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

[JV] Your traffic + my website (French and Italian hand-made jewelry ecommerce)


Well, my JV proposal is not about another undifferentiated product or service.

I’m currently associating with a French designer friend and we are going to sell hand-made jewelry online.

Range $35 – $300. High quality (products are currently being referenced by some of the best design shops in Paris). We already have products inventory and I’m going to open the shopify and reactivate social accounts. We have a lot of content (photo, text, video, ….).

We’re looking for partners to…

[JV] Your traffic + my website (French and Italian hand-made jewelry ecommerce)

What’s the best option for beginner ?

So what do you think it’s best option for beginner :

1. Instagram CPA (need to invest lot of money for bot,proxies,aged IG accounts,VPS)
2. Adrian’s method ( re-uploading porn)
3. Make a website for my niche and promote it on FB+YT+Quora,yahoo etc.

I have a little experience in SEO, but I can say for myself that I’m a beginner.

Every suggestion would help me a lot.

Setting up my PBN like this…

I bought a domain from someone on here for about $5 and I checked it out thoroughly and it’s solid. I have written two pieces on good content and will write a further 2 – 3.

Next comes the bit where i get lazy. I’m thinking of hiring someone to build the blog for me and add my content, update htaccess etc then hand it back to me so i have control of it (I am only experienced with Wordpress and don’t want to learn a new CMS).

Does this seem like a reasonable approach?

Instagram Journey [200$ DAILY]

Hi everyone! It’s time to start my own journey about Instagram marketing.
I will try to publish here my earning statistics day by day.

At first I want to expose that I working with instagram about 1,5 years.
People who was in this business
knows that earlier it was much easier
but I’m not going to give up :)

I currently have 100-120 working accounts.

Inside are the accounts that remained…

Instagram Journey [200$ DAILY]

Scammed by spotifymarketer ( for $1000

So I have been in talks with spotifymarketer (apparently Aaron) to do some Spotify plays.

Everything went well until I paid him $1000 to start work.

Every time I contacted him, he had some random excuse and so I have had enough.

I have requested a…

hey guys

Hey guys, I’m a teenager who’s interested in learning more about internet marketing and maybe doing something with it. If you guys could send helpful links for a beginner like me it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!