hello everybody

I am very glad to become a member of BHW, although I have open an account long time ago, but this is the first time I start a thread, since this forum is really treasure for me, I really learnt a lot from it, thank you guys who provided valueable infor…

help A question

hello please i need A question I want to know email the owner of the channel youtube
Does he know I am as well my email, Do he know the people who saw this

Snapchat Converting

So I’ve been messing around with snapchat and it’s rodicusly easy to grow an account without spending a dime. I have a girl account getting 20-40 adds per day and want to know how I can monetize this. The followers are all horny guys 18-20 year olds. I tried doing ogads but havent gotten many clicks.


Many humans want to know the secrets on how to speedy improve eyesight. However, what you actually need to locate that there is not anything secret. Much stuff that takes place to be of course reachable to help us does that. Glasses and contact lenses …

I just lost 1500€ gambling..

Whats worst is that 1000 out of 1500 was money my dad had given me to spend on food and paying bills. Thought I could get some extra from that, some quick cash.. I was completely wrong, im quite devastated right now, trying to figure out what to do.

what factors trigger rightside knowledge pannel for multiple keywords?

First I`m amazed how much little info I found on this subject on bhw and on the web in general. Am I the only one that sees the huge potential of these rightside KP? Imagine slapping a shitty website, verify a GMB account, no seo, no backlinks, no hassle and get 40% of clicks for a medium diff keyword. This is a real scenario because I managed the above. But here comes the tricky part:

– what works for one website doesn’t work for the second website.

That’s why, with ur help, I wish to…

what factors trigger rightside knowledge pannel for multiple keywords?


I love it here this is the shit I wish I fucking lived here you know so Activatrol I’m Activatrol I make it easy on the travel to like literally I have like a separate set of everything so I don’t even have to pack it’s just all there like a separate set of shoes identical a separate set of clothes like identical a separate set of like toiletries like it doesn’t even need to be packed I just like pick it up Activatrol fucking go Activatrol like as soon as I return home from a trip I’ll like…




Hello Does anyone have this book – Persuasion Secrets of the World’s most charismatic and Influential Villains

I need it in pdf or epub. please share if you do.


What do you think about ARK and DNT?

Did a little research and bought some as I think both of them will boom in september. This is why:

ARK – if the ark team manage to pull off what are they saying I see this coin in 20$ range. Deadline end of september for most of its features.

DNT – s…