Python/php programmer for free! (need experience)


I am a beginner programmer and I learned php and python on my own. I am willing to do free service for everyone who wishes. I am capable of writing any web browser based bot. I can also create a webpage/scrape sites or anything else you wish. I am doing this completely for free, because I need experience and I’ve run out of ideas (rly).

You can ask me to do anything that has to do with python/php/javascript.

My projects so far:

Python/php programmer for free! (need experience)

Anonymous proxies


mixed proxys all types


Is it worth doing survey pls someone help

I want to talk to someone who has been working on various survey sites as for me surveys are not coming and i am working on 3 sites. I need someone experienced who could help me by sharing his views on survey sites.

Another one newbie

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum but not new to Internet marketing. I hope i will know something useful for me and tell for you.

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