What is CPI/CPA?

Sorry for the dumb question but I’m new here and aren’t familiar with these terms. Is there maybe a thread that explains all relevant abbreviations used on BHW?

Best UPC/Barcode Sellers.

Does anyone have any suggestions for barcode sellers for amazon?

Trying to list some items and I’m also trying to protect myself.

I’ve noticed that sellers have their name in the item, and UPC code attached to that item.
Don’t want them to state my item is counterfeit or for amazon to try to inquire why my UPC code doesn’t match their’s or why I can’t produce one, if asked.

I’ve been looking at https://www.barcodestalk.com

How do i get massive engagment on a new account?

Hello guys I have seen many pages on Instagram with amazing growth. They get around 2k likes on their first few posts which immediately boosts them onto explore page giving them massive growth. What ways are there to get massive engagment as you post to rapidly grow your account? I have heard of powerlikes but I can’t find any services that offer you powerlikes. There are also engagment groups but I can’t find any with thousands of big accounts to grow my account. There was one account that…

How do i get massive engagment on a new account?

Build the ultimate IM bot

So, I’m a developer. A pretty good one. I enjoy programming, it’s fun. I’ve been developing now for 11 years. I’ve worked full time as a developer for 6 of them , currently employed by a to- big-to-fail bank in the USA. I’ve built small 1 run applications and architected multi million dollar projects. I know what I’m doing.

But, and it’s a big but, I don’t know much about marketing. I’ve tried learning, and I’ve had a few small successes, but not big. Nothing to write home about. It’s…

Build the ultimate IM bot

Branded clothing for wholesale.

Hi, I’m Saurabh from India. I deal in BULK inventories for branded clothing.

Currently, I’ve some very interesting inventories of brands like -: SUPERDRY, ZARA, JACK & JONES, DOROTHY PERKINS, AUTOGRAPH, ANN TAYLOR, GUESS, MANGO, TOMMY HILFIGER, NEXT ETC.

I’m solely looking for wholesalers and importers. As, I’ve not yet started dropshipping(Maybe in future i’ll).


Hope to earn some money here

Hello Dear, i’m the co-founder of italian affiliate and dropshipping company in Italy.
We’re starting now, so i’m searching money making method to have capital for investing in my business.
Sure i can be helped and contribute with my knowledge.

Facebook Mass Ban Pages!

all my pages got hit by fb.. in 1 blink its all gone.. 4 years worth of hard work..
and all my income comes from my pages but now its all gone.. now i cant even earn $1..
gonna be homeless soon.. i cant let that happen coz i have family to feed..


My Instagram Journey To 20$ A Day

About Me
My name is DarkHead34, I am new on this forum.
I have seen some journies of you guys, and your support and motivation are so nice.
So I wanted to start my own journey, I want to help my mom since I live only with her, She is working very hard …