Add twitter followers

Thanks for reading.
I’m a Japanese,so I’m not good at writing English.
This thread is that I’m finding cheaper seller of twitter followers.
I saw the cheapest price is 1$ per 1000.
But,I want to buy cheaper than it.
I want to order more than 200$ total.

I’m looking for software to find competitors

I’m looking soft or web service for find competitors in the SERP. In semrash I did not see such a functional.


1. A site A has list of keywords (desirable web service must find by himself that keywords )
2. What other sites are being sought by these keywords?

Please specify whether this is a paid solution or for free.

Thank you.

How come some football goals channels never get terminated

I’ve noticed this a lot. some very old channels upload weekly videos of football matches goals and they never get suspended.they dont even bother and try to hide the logos of the tv channel that broadcast the match. what is going on ?

old channels+bad editing ad no logos of TV channels hidden+ they have plus 500.000 subscribers and never get terminated

track website visitor

Hello guys

How can i track each user who registered to my website currently i can only see their ip only but you know they can change it easily so i want to track their mac & device id is to possible to do so ?