Free Traffic Methods 2015

Here are the top 10 traffic methods which are absolutely free which will generate instant traffic as well as will help to boost your search engine ranking see first comment

Someone with a porn website?

Well im a Colombian programmer, and i want to create a new porn website like youjizz, but i have few questions and i hope someone answer me, please!, why youjizz upload brazzers,bangbros,etc.. vídeos?, is it legal upload videos from other websites?, which is the best porn adsense?, which server can i use(can i use hostgator)?, can i use amazon s3 to upload my vídeos?, does a porn website make good money per views?, enought to pay my bills(Like 300 dollars monthly)?, cause im a little poor,…

Someone with a porn website?

Total Digital Marketing Outsourcing of my clients.

Hey guys,
I want to outsource the digital media marketing stuff like, SEO, Lead Generation, Website Traffic, Viral Video Promotion, etc of few of my clients from India, and want to do it on a regular basis.
I want to know the interested people out her…