Facebook Login and Registration

I don’t want to go into long stories. Anybody know how I can register users when they click on the login with facebook button? Using the FB Docs information people will just login with facebook, but I have come across site where I did a fb login and chose a password, then I could always login with my fb email. It was so easy, but I can’t do it and it’s embarrassing. Any good person who can help me?

Can this work? Ebay method digital stuff

I saw many ppl selling digital goods on ebay for higher price than you find them in some retail shops. And i see they have thousands of sold codes etc.. my question is

is there a heck in it? Or everybody can do it too? I already found a few stuff i wo…

February ADVICE question

Hello , im back to try earn something from web, basicly few years ago i only have done yt game hacks with cpa with a small result.

Can someone advice me which method (honestly ofc) works by feb 2018 , and which one to choose.

ATM im trying also to …

Explain the origin of your username and avatar

my username comes from some failed attempts to create sites with a ‘pocket’ name in the domain
the idea was to create websites with the name pocketfiles and pocketmovies, where people would download files and I would earn the downloads (pay per download)
But my English was so bad at the time that I thought the correct one was ‘pockett’ (with two ‘t’), so my sites became pockettmovies, and pockettfiles
I created a profile here in bhw in 2010 with pockett name but I lost the login and password…

Explain the origin of your username and avatar

Surpised that nobody mentioned NAS

Well i was researching cool coins last week to become a genuine crypto investor.

And after all these popular VEN WTC ICX DENT (i like all of them) i came across Nebulas, google for blockchain
What impressed me most – its CEO is Hitters Xu, founder of NEO (Antshares), so the team as good as we can imagine.

that’s all.
and a bonus pic
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My facebook account was disabled, can someone help me please ?


when I try to log on my facebook acc it says that it’s disabled. I have no idea why it’s disabled. and I try to create another account with other Email and Facebook also still disabled of my new registration account too. I don’t what was the problem is? Could someone recommend me, please? Thank