Looking for someone to upload porn

i need someone to upload porn to my sites

1. Will provide the torrent file that include videos to upload
2. No watermarking needed
3. Some videos may need splitting
4. Good title, description, tags needed

please send your price per video. payments v…

Easiest niche to rank with only articles?

A friend of mine, and owner of a smaller article writing company, owe me some help and have offered to write for me like 60 articles for free the next 3 months. I was thinking that maybe I should take the chance and try to set up something new while I have the chance.

Which niche do you guys think is “easiest” to get into with a bunch of quality articles (and maybe even some videos)? I have always wanted to try something in the adult niche like “online dating for women +40” but it’s a very…

Easiest niche to rank with only articles?

[Method] Local SEO 7 Pack Citation Analysis

Simple Manual Citation Finding Method

I have seen a few posts lately concerning local seo and ranking places properties to get in the map or 7 box. “Citations” are a common prerequisite and there are many Top XX lists shared and floating around sometimes those are not enough to go into battle and win.

I find the best way to go into battle is not just jumping in and building citations but get to know what the competition or the “enemy” has going on in their fire power.

It is always good…

[Method] Local SEO 7 Pack Citation Analysis

Seo Black or white Hat

Hi Frens,
What is the major difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques to ensure a profitable business? And What are the right steps that should follow..?