Facebook wont accept payment methods…

Hi guys, about 3 weeks ago I bought a 7 year old account to use it as my main (create pages, groups, add my friends etc). I didn’t do any suspicious activity… Now, I want to age it to create some wh ads later, so I started liking and playing some games. I wanted to buy some resources in a game and when I chose paypal or card payment I get this -> http://prntscr.com/i6i9g1

What should I do?
I was thinking about creating a new paypal account. Can I pay with it if it’s not…

Facebook wont accept payment methods…

Should I Use Senuke for back links

I have a website which i am creating links till now i have created about 40 good quality links Now i dont think I have a patience to wait for a year for site to rank .

Should i Use Senuke ?? and how much time it will take for my site to rank on first …

Anybody who have tried this?

I looked for something I needed to download and ended up on this website. Basically the whole website was a huge banner more or less (including the file I wanted). Now I wonder how much they earn on this (?) It should be extremely easy to drive traffic.

Building a website

I’m wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I need a website building, it doesn’t need to be so complex, just one where people put in there UK car registration and a few other details and I will receive the text to my phone. That way I can then tell them how much I’m willing to pay for it. Also, are there any good books/sites where I can read about learning how to get the site in a good advertising position on google?


Cryptocurrencies aren’t anonymous anymore

It is no surprise that anonymity has been leaving bitcoin. Bitcoin is not as anonymous as it used to be.

Monero the more anonymous bitcoin has been getting a lot of news as it is being used for many illegal purposes such as drugs and money laundering.

South Korea today, however, is increasing regulation on all cryptocurrency exchanges.

South Korean laws passed this morning are now only letting South Korean exchanges accept users if the user has real-name bank accounts connected….

Cryptocurrencies aren’t anonymous anymore

expireddomains.net is going all-paid

Looks like this awesome free tool is going all paid by stopping new users from signing up.

First neil patel takes over ubersuggest, then this … 2018 is starting out to be a bad bad year for IM


Let Me Rank Your Keyword :) Wanna Run a Public Test

Hey folks,
I wanna run a test on a keyword on your site.
If your site has some authority and your keyword is stuck between 10-30, I may help you.
I have initially run this test on my blog and got a massive improvement.
Initially, I’ll choose one keyword and one site if I get success, I’ll come back to you again.
No blackhat strategy, all is google friendly.
I’ll bear the little cost for this purpose and you’ll have to share the ranking improvement publicly here.
You have to send me the…

Let Me Rank Your Keyword :) Wanna Run a Public Test

Want to build undetectable PhantomJS headerless browser

Hi all,

I’ve build phantomJS from source before so I know roughly what I’m doing.

I’ve also got a decent list of phantomJS detection methods such as header order and js probing.

I’m looking for other like minded and skilled people to put our heads together to build on what each of us knows so we can create new products and possibly services.

If anyone wants to work with me on this I’d be happy to partner up :)