Using Semrush to spy on competitors.

Hey guys, i recently bought a month’s license of semrush pro. I know it can be used to spy on competitors ppc landing pages, but i am having trouble getting decent results.

Do i head over to my aff network, find an offer, copy the offer’s URL and paste it into semrush ? I am not having much success doing it this way.

How does one harness the power of semrush to do this ?

Any best traffic bot software?

Hello Guys,
i am looking for any good traffic bot software if you guys know any? i am not sure about those but seen in forum and found those 3

Diabolic Traffic Bot
English Jingling Traffic Bot

i found old thre…

Glad To Be Here!

Hello everyone! First I would like to say this community looks amazing. I have already learned plenty here so I decided to make an account. I have been into making money online for a wile and have tried a few different things, one of which was drop shi…

Facebook Page auto-pilot

Hello IM,

Thank you for helping me in my previous threads…This time too I need your help ;)

I want to copy one page content to another eg.

Person “A” is having a page and uploading 40 Post per day with images and text and Person “B” wish to create similar page but want a auto pilot method from which all post from “A” copies to “B” without doing any manual work

Is it possible Sir ?

Thanks in Advance


Look at Keemstars newest video and look at recommended. Why are videos with 100 views or less hitting suggested. I don’t have my pc with me with tagging software, can someone see if there is a relevant trend going on with tags. I know jake paul, hurricane/weather. But that still doesn’t explain why its boosting now or is that just the case that these channels fell under the right tags from their previous videos.

Conversations – Google Webmaster Guidelines Violation- spam problem manual action

Who can help solve these: my site has been penalized through manual action by google. .
email one: Google has detected thin content on your site that provides little or no added value. This critical issue results in irrelevant or low-value search results for Google Search users and can negatively impact your site’s ranking. Therefore, Google has applied a manual spam action to .com/. In order to remove the manual action on your site, you must significantly change the content to conform to…

Conversations – Google Webmaster Guidelines Violation- spam problem manual action

ALTcoins Getaway Gear !

Hello Guys !
I am using Mycelium to accept Bitcoin Payments on my website !
Does anyone know any similar payment getaway i can use for litecoin / etherium / dash ?

Improve link clicks

I have 120k instagram followers w link in bio (in multiple accounts) targeting to an Amazon affiliate shop. I also make 1 post campaign a day (1 post in every account), the rest of the day i publish content

My conversion ratio its almost 2% a day per followers (Instagram Followers * 2%= daily visits).

How can i improve my “link in bio” clicks?

PD: maybe you guys can share also the % of visits in your campaigns.