VPN express bullshit scam

I have been using it for seo for some time…..to hide my ip
but today I found out…..I logged in into facebook via different ip via my VPS and facebook recognized me….and I used cccleaner etc to clean cookies….
I thought I was protected….so it …

Like my own followers pics FollowLiker

How do I like my own follower’s pics to increase engagement with FollowLiker?

Is it even capable with followliker? I have emailed them and of course they just give the FAQ.

So I put
FLC:myusername follower
FLC: relevant

That isn’t working. It’s following some random people and liking a ton of their stuff even though I have it set to 3 ONLY.

I DON’T want to follow my own followers. I just want to like their stuff.

I want to be able to do other tasks too while this is running like…

Like my own followers pics FollowLiker