Contraceptive (Adult) Shop + Facebook

Good afternoon,
i made my first shopify site – :) You can tell me your opinion about the site :)There is more work on it, but i hope it will be done after 1 day.
I know facebook allow contraceptive ads but never use it for ads either for personal (don’t laugh). So i will appreciate any good advices from exp. facebook’s users. Thank you.

Affiliate for travel nichie

Good morning,

i am representing an travel agency in my country from Europe,

i was thinking to give 10 % from sales to anyone who will sell my product

If there is anyone interested in it, we can discuss it here .

in my nichie there is not too high …

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[Beta Testers] TurboEAC (Email Accounts Creator)

Hi friends,

Very soon we will release a new product named TurboEAC (Email Accounts Creator).
We will need beta testers to try the application and deliver feedback for it, like bugs, features & improvement requests. Your help will be fully apprecia…

Adult CPA Journey to $100 a day (Adrians Method)

Im going to keep this short…

As some of you know ive had success at this method but i need some inspiration to scale up so i thought id make another journey to keep me motivated


Partner for viral website?

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a viral website and I need someone to work with me and make some money
i have the idea the name the site the design and everything you need to start, am very excited about this website and i have a big hope that it will succeed.

The only problem is, i’m not a very good English speaker :D

Site name zeldafeed, just type it in google to check it out ( zeldafeed com )

If you are interested feel free to talk with me.