Facebook traffic for AdSense

If AdSense accept Facebook traffic and it will paid for me
Any expert on AdSense please tell me if works or not
I have 47k and 73k Facebook page can I drive the traffic to AdSense website

Facebook group issue

I have a VERY large group and there is an issue in it for over 4 months.

The issue is that when I click on “block” I can’t block any users, I thought maybe the problem from my account, but ALL the other admins and moderators can’t as well.

What we can do to fix this issue as this group is so important to us?

Thanks for your help guys.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Sophos are running a seminar for free in Manchester, UK

Yes you need to register ( why not sign up with a throwaway email, if you’re afraid of spam ).

I have zero affiliation with this company, nor will I be at the event.
This is just for informational puposes only.




where to start with bitcoin, bhw members who use Bitcoin on regular basis, where do i create an acc, like there are tons of sites that provide bitcoin & i’m confused.

where exactly do i create an account and buy bitcoin ?

HI, friend

Hello there, I’m exceptionally cheerful to end up noticeably an individual from universes outstanding amongst other gatherings. Amid most recent couple of years I used to peruse parcel of treads here. In any case, today I chose to join as a dynamic part.

[Kindle Book] Can you rewrite recipes?

Hey Guys,

I was thinking of making an Amazon Kindle Book of 500 Recipes. But it’s hard to get recipe writers. Most of the people rewrite recipes. Would it be wise to rewrite 500 recipes and publish it as a kindle book?