New to Crypto, have a few questions

Hi folks,

Just had a few quick questions that I’m still a little unclear on.

Firstly, I noticed that there are the same altcoins but on different exchanges, such as Tronix BTC and Tronix ETH, which seem to be completely separate prices.. Why is this?

Secondly, just to understand how / and how often day trading works with bitcoin, are people trading on 5 min, 15, 30, hr minute intervals?

And are there any really specific metrics or indicators you’d recommend? I’m generally looking at…

New to Crypto, have a few questions

AWS Account

Hi, does anybody know where can i get new Amazon AWS accounts when my Trial expires? My old one is about to expire and when i make a new one it does not accept the same credit card.

Hi Everyone PLS Read

my friend told me about this forum and its awesome ♥ i wish i have discovered it years ago anyways lets get to the subject

i have an YT since 2012 ive been doing great back then but i stopped uploading long time ago now im back ive been uploading for 2 months all my videos are getting ghosted when i get lucky i hit 20k-50k

but most of the time the videos barely get hit 500k views and i only hit that because i share on other social media’s such as FB baiting people on groups to watch


Hi Everyone PLS Read

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