Need people to corporate on affiliate program

Hello all,
we have set up an CPS affiliate program special for adult product, welcome for people who have adult traffic to join, the affiliate site have have high conversion rate, the commission start from 10%, some product have high commission. below …

Working instagram bots?

I saw that massplanner is out of service and was wondering if you guys can tell me if there are still some working instagram bots out there.

[WTB] Spotify Plays

I have a brand new unverified spotify account and a song with >1000 plays. I am looking for 500K+ spotify plays (the more the better).

They do not need to come from real people, bots will work fine as long as I am not flagged or banned and am able …

Amazon Merch Questions

I wanted to ask for a bit of your wisdom. As you can tell by the title this is in regards to Amazon merch.
I recently got accepted, and I submitted 10 simple text designs. My question is how long do I give each shirt to generate sales before I deem the…

what should i do with pbn’s that never made results

My last 30 pbn sites did nothing. Obviously i was doing something wrong, maybe linking out too fast, i don’t know. Domains are good. on 20 of them i was waiting over 6 month hoping they will kick in, but they never did.

Are they devalued? What is best use of them now?

Do you think removing links, sending on some non-spammy tier 2, wait a month and link to money site again is good idea?