[GIVEAWAY] FREE 10 000 Instagram Likes (in Total)

BHW did a lot for me and my service, so I decided to give back some love to our community :)
I’ll give 10 000 likes to 21 BHW users in total. Bellow are the rules and how the likes will be awarded.​

You must have at least 50 posts on BHW to get likes.
The likes will be given on first come first served basis.
Each user can get likes on only one post.

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[GIVEAWAY] FREE 10 000 Instagram Likes (in Total)

FL Like Question

I run a lot of accounts and was wondering if it’s possible to issue a command to all of my accounts at once? Like let’s say I want all of my accounts to like a photo, can I do that with FL?

Any way to retrieve abandoned account?

Hi all
My customer owns an account “brand_” and we discovered that the owner of the account with the clean “brand” name is inactive (last post 09/2015) and its owner doesn’t have anymore the access (or a way to reset/cancel it).

Do you know any method to delete that account OR to retrieve the name?


Amazon Affiliate rejection questions

If Amazon rejects I know you can reapply.

But can you reapply with the same domain?

I would be livid if I get rejected after securing a decent domain, and all the associated social media accounts, then spent 1000 hours building the site and adding tons of content, only to have them reject me. I’ve read through all of their terms but of course it’s ambiguous as to what type of site, how much content, etc. is required.

Has anyone been rejected, and then overturned the rejection by having…

Amazon Affiliate rejection questions

50 DA20+ Expired Domains With 30+ Referring Domains Available To Register Now

Hey Guys,

Been a while since I posted at BHW so thought I’d do a giveaway as my comeback post. I’ve been scraping expired domains to build PBNs with and I have more than I need. All the domains below have a DA value of at least 20, more than 30 referring domains and are available to register at the cost of a normal .com domain registration. This will hopefully be useful for any other PBN builders out there and save you a few API credits.

I generally find more domains than I have a use…

50 DA20+ Expired Domains With 30+ Referring Domains Available To Register Now

[Method] Starting from Zero (well $22), to getting your $3000 per month

Hi BlackHatWorld,

I have wasted countless amount of money on new ventures that didn’t bring anything (or not enough). When I quite my job in October I did not want to invest all my savings into something I wasn’t sure would work, I wanted to start from zero (well actually $22) and reinvest what I made.
Here’s how I did it :

– Find Something you know more about than the average person (SEO, social media, webdesign, lead-generation, sales messages, building relations..)


[Method] Starting from Zero (well $22), to getting your $3000 per month

Followliker Twitter Following but Not Liking

I’ve used Followliker (Instagram) for years, so know how to use it. I just got the Twitter Unlimited Accounts version.

I set it up according to steps for FLC: under Twitter. (followliker.com website)
It is following fine, but not liking any tweets.

Any help is greatly appreciated

General Settings: 15-20 seconds.

Task Selection: checked – Scrape User, Scrape Tweet, Follow, Unfollow, Like.

Scrape User Settings: checked -…

Followliker Twitter Following but Not Liking