Ungagged London 2017

Short question,

since I’ve never been to your conference, I need to ask you is this only for SEO people
or is that conference good for ppc media buyers and affiliates?

Hi people!

After a long time just reading and reading, finally I regitred in BlackHatWorld.

I’m an amateur webmaster since ’98…



Facebook Targeting – The Right Audience?

Hey, what’s up? Some input would be great if you have some knowledge about FB Ads.

Here’s my dilemma:
I was running 5 different products on 5 different Ad Sets.

I didn’t have any sales. Products are so, so.

I’m selling dog products on a pretty well designed webshop.

Now, for targeting I’ve used couple of interest sets.

First: Magazines about Dogs
Second: TV shows about Dogs
Third: Famous Dog people like that Dog Whisperer guy
Forth: Some good Pages about Dogs, Puppy Love and what not…..

Facebook Targeting – The Right Audience?

GMX email blocked doing nothing

Hello on the last 30 days I registered around 20 GMX accounts to use as email for register domains for my PBN.
I enabled Thunderbird access on all of them but GMX blocked all of them. Why? I didn’t any spam or something like that

Stop buying poorly written Amazon content – Buy Amazon Reviews and Buyer’s Guides that convert! NOW


You just took the first step to great writing and more money!

I bet you think you can write an excellent Amazon review, don’t you? It’s just words on a page about a product. What could be so hard?

Well, I guess it depends on what you want – an okay review that gets some traffic and converts or

A great review that gets results

Most people think that they can knock out a…​

Stop buying poorly written Amazon content – Buy Amazon Reviews and Buyer’s Guides that convert! NOW

I have 100 k like facebook page


I have one question

I ihave the facebook page 100 k like and its so good active page i share all photos comedy and i have like 1 k to 5 k likes post what can i do with this facebook page to make money ? Thanks

[WTB] Product Review

I’m looking for someone to write a solid product review. Between 500-1000 words. I’m willing to pay up to $20 for very good quality. Send me a PM and I’ll tell you what I need done.