Looking for someone to develop software

Looking for someone to develop an automated software that instantly comments and likes Instagram and FB pages as well as twitter,snapchat and youtube. Also want to set an option to post in advance at a certain time of day. If you can do this message me, I have the budget and I’m ready to go.

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Building links to subpage or also to homepage?


I would like to know your opinion on ranking a subpage. The domain itself is quite authoritative and the web ranks well for many keywords.

There is a sub-page that I need to rank and so far I optimized only that given subpage.

Do you think build…

How to get in the “recommended videos” section on youtube?

Hey! So my youtube has been doing alright, I’ve found ways to give them a good couple thousand LEGIT views, however, they’re mostly all external.

Problem is, after that initial group of views, I basically get nothing else, they drop like a rock.

Was wondering if anyone knew how to get into that string of recommended videos where they constantly show up on the side. I’ve seen channels with 10k subs get a video there, not sure if its on purpose or not.

If its not really possible, anyone…

How to get in the “recommended videos” section on youtube?