Where to find adsense traffic to lower ctr

I need traffic to lower ctr only (no clicks)

Is exchange sites like adfly etc safe in 2017?
Bot traffic gets wiped out.
AdWords, bing and fb are too expensive to lower ctr

Most services for traffic on bhw and fiverr are fake (have researched) – if so…

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Youtube Question

Hello, i have simple question. Will there be difference in views, If i create a new YT account and upload a video, or If i upload video with aged account?

Thank you.

Have a look Pls . need your ideas

Hi all

I have a strong idea but it does require strong minded and marketers.

I have seen a video about a company in Europe that playing the role or broker between person that sale their used and genuine and luxury items such us hand bags . Gold . Diamonds bracelets . Luxury clothes etc……

The company is online and has a website and a big team of experts marketers and experts in luxury items that can detect if the item is genuine or not.

The person who wants to sale it’s item posts a…

Have a look Pls . need your ideas

buying without id

Hey, is possibly to buy a cryptocurrency coin without id or bank or credit card ? only connect with paypal account and deposit some funds $$ ? Just want to buy some Tron

Hiring a VA (Adult )

Only apply if you are comfortable with nude pics.
Full time
Should have high speed internet
VPN, Proxies
Knowledge of excel

Minor Tasks

Uploading profiles
creating descriptions
covering face with company banner
Creating titles
Optimising Images…