Adsense problem after WP 4.8.1 update yesterday

So after the update all my ads on the home page (only) have disappeared. I tried literally everything, but reverting to previous version – nothing worked.

So what’s happening:

Just after the automatic WP update all the ads on the home page (only) have disappeared, and only on 1 website. Can it be a page level ban? No it can’t.

I purged the W3 cache + cloudflare cache, repaired and optimized manually the database and restarted the server. The ads have appeared again. This morning they have…

Adsense problem after WP 4.8.1 update yesterday

Followliker- Unable to Retrieve Data Fix

Been using Followliker for about a week and a half now, and the results have been pretty damn disappointing. The first couple days were really good, lots of early growth as expected, since then Followliker errors almost all the time botting with:

“Unable to retrieve data: *username*”

Since then, I’ve only gained maybe 10-20 followers a day, feels bad man. I’ve been reading around and haven’t really seen a solution, and was wondering if this mean my account is RIP ?

All help is appreciated.

Fitness Brand Journey Amazon Affiliate

About Me
Im David, i started with IM when I registered this site. I have always been fascinated with websites and fitness. I currently work 9-5 but hope to change that with combining my passion of fitness and IM.


Almost two years ago I d…

Hello everyone :)

Hi everyone form BHW, I´m The Jaag.

I hope to learn a lot from this forum, I discovered it a few days ago and became very interested in its topics, I´m currently in university and hope to be able to use the knowledge I gather from here to be able to support myself with my career, hopefully with a lot of effort and perseverance I will able to do so.

I would like to know if any of the most experienced members have any tips or recommendations for newbies, I would be glad to read them and…

Hello everyone :)

What to do with “inactive” youtube channel

I have a youtube channel with 38k subs and has 11+million views that gets around 12k views a day and 800 subs a month(Most vids have bullshit claims so i dont make that much) it makes like $2 a day but,
it has been inactive for 4months i have no plans …