Selling contemporary paintings to rich folks?

I see a lot of offline/online galleries selling no-name artworks for ridiculous prices ($1000-6000). Especially interesting are large size abstract paintings, they seem to do well in hotels and modern homes, and they usually don’t take as much time compared to other styles. Now, though not my preference, I could paint for this market. What I don’t have a clue about is how to effectively sell this stuff online, how to stand out from the crowd.

So where do I start?

I heard instagram is…

Selling contemporary paintings to rich folks?

Jesus Fuuaarrk

Maan, the egg is so, so, SO tight, thick and big it feels like I’m playing baseball with my spine. LOL!

Sharp pain in root chakra – then some kind of tightness – felt like LDT was trying to communicate with it.

Sub-dermal electricity in arms – check. It feels like it runs on the surface but I know from experience it’s inside the muscles or maybe at the very surface of the muscle cells.

I unfortunately seem to have developed some kind of weak hypnosis – works very, very well with women,…

Jesus Fuuaarrk

How to index backlinks?

I have manually made backlinks on quality website which have PA of 28-77 & DA 67-95

How can I index those backlinks? Are there any free & good providers for this?