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How do view pumper bots work on YouTube?

I’ve seen spammy videos with 4 million views. How do people pump the views on these views so much? Because I’m assuming after 100 or so views from an IP it’s no longer counted? So do they just have a huge amount of proxies?

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Okay so this site i’m gonna talk about is called Ojooo – Watching ad (Search on google)

Now this is a simple PTC site where you click ads and get money
But you know that theese sites don’t pay too much for watching the ads, so here is my Method

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The method is to invest in “Rented Referrals” and earn money on…

Make more money out of the money you have {Make 2-4$ for 2$} (Price can get higher)

I am very confused on Hosting, Too Much Info

I am a newbie and start creating 7 websites for SEO and Ecom store.

I use Godaddy as Hosting (i use it cos my domain was bought there). I had my 1st site few months ago and everything go fine. But Today when i start setting up a new site by downloading a plugin in wordpress, the admin page start loading for long and lagging. I immediately check the website but the website is the same (loading and lagging). I then go back to the Godaddy’s Cpanel and found that the CPU Usage, Memory usage &…

I am very confused on Hosting, Too Much Info

Will removing pagination help rankings?

I have some paginated posts on my website and I’m wondering has anybody seen that removing it helps rankings, because instead of 3 pages, it’s now just 1 page?

Also, one problem is if I type in mydomain.ext/name-of-article/3
it shows the same as if I didn’t put the /3 on.

As this is indexed by Google, I wonder if it will think I’ve created the same article 3 times. Is there a way I can remove the /3 from the index so this potential duplication doesn’t happen?
Or will Google know that the…

Will removing pagination help rankings?

Best Method to Grow Fast on Instagram???

Hello BHW,

I am starting Instagram Journey. Trying to grow in Fashion Niche. My target is to start dropshipping business.

I am doing it manually, finding people in my niche by tags and follow them and like their posts. Also following “the followers of Big Brands”.

But i notice: I am getting followers and likes from Markters like me. They are also trying to grow their Instagram. I am also not getting people from US,UK,AU.

Please suggest me:
Best methods to grow fast.
Best tools to…

Best Method to Grow Fast on Instagram???

10-20$ Per Day from Fiverr

Hey guys, first of all look at my income for some motivation

First of all English is not my native language.

How to make easy 10-20$ per day (and even more) using fiverr and facebook.
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