Porn Re-Upload With PPL?

So I just recently got accepted at Crakrevenue and I was thinking, since I never did the whole porn re-upload thing, do I add my PPL link in the description or.. how do I go on about this? Also do I make money per views?

WTF some wierd instagram stuff just happened!

So I run FL and just finished a run. I stopped the program and 10 or so minutes later logged in from phone and it gave me an error. So then i put my url in google and it said this page is not available or has been removed!

I tried the above a few time…

Best ways to get quality backlinks?

I am really interested in learning more about backlinks and how to acquire the best quality ones. I think that we’re all aware of how important and benefical backlinks can be when it comes to reaching and improving your SEO ranking of your website or blog.I have a close friend that is struggling with getting the good kind of backlinks. He even wanted to buy them but I talked him out of it and this is why I need some help.I want to be able to tell him the best and the most effective ways of…

Best ways to get quality backlinks?

YouTube video tool help

I’m looking for a tool that searches and shows which keywords have a YouTube video ranking on page 1 of Google. I know I’ve seen it before but I can’t remember what it was called.