How to get quality backlinks for adult site ?

I am running an adult toy store. I want to get some quality backlinks for my site. I am making blog comments to get backlinks but most of the comments are not approved yet by blog author.. Do you guys suggest me any other way to get quality backlink…

Anyone experienced with duplicate content

Lets say i copied an article, will probably get duplicate content penalty soon. But what is the workaround? Lets say i copied 1k words. So if i write my own unique 5k words (on the same page where is copied content) it will be enough to avoid ban?

or …

Hi, Friends

I hope you will learn all you need to know here. Hopefully your projects will go well.i am very happy.

instagram comments list

I’m looking for a huge list of image comments or even a scraper. I thought about using a scrapebox comment list but it just doesn’t sound right

About Porn Re-upload i do need some tips and share experience


I Start Porn upload method from adrian. From July i uploaded around 500 video.. on xvideo.

and learning process all from BHW , i really appreciate it , but video view really depend on key-word

. video content , i just want to know how do i scale this up . i do need some tips and discussion.

One more Key tips : You may see XVIDEO at main page choose country and you could see trending on Xvideo, Some times i alter title base on trending.

i’m not native so please miss my…

About Porn Re-upload i do need some tips and share experience

Spokesman Videos

I am looking for a spokesman video software. Please advise me which is the best in the best with a lot of features, i have seen one or two but they are not worthy.

Looking for some help in finding the software