Why I’m Investing 1k Into Sia

Never gambled on coins before, just wanna have some fun and see what the fuss is all about.

On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is a cup of coffee and 10 a million dollars I would say 1k $ represents about a 6 on that scale, meaning that it would hurt my wallet but I don’t really mind losing them as I have Money saved up.

Not affiliated with sia in any way or anything, don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose.

Reasons why

-Offers very cheap cloud…

Why I’m Investing 1k Into Sia

Noob Adsense Journey

Hello guys, i just remembered i have an 8yr old google adsense account i used to earn money with. I was diverting traffic from facebook contests to a “real estate” blog. I checked it and i have 68E in the account waiting to come into my wallet.

The niche:
Dont really know how to explain this. Best example would be “Firefighter maths questions”


On google all the webistes in…

Noob Adsense Journey

I’m SALEHOO member, i can find the best Dropshipper for you

Hi, guys, i’m active salehoo member , i want to help you to find the best dropshipper/wholeseler that listed in SALEHOO , tye best one for your business

for 1 member ONLY allowed to post 1 request , i’ll find the best one for you ( 2- 3 dropshippers list)

post your request below, i’ll try my best to help

post your request as below:

Niche/Categories: (see below list )
Location: ? (choose one: North America/ Sounth – Central America / Europe / Africa / Asia / Oceania )
Supplier Type: ?…

I’m SALEHOO member, i can find the best Dropshipper for you

[Manual] How I farm FB accounts to run ads


Perhaps some of you could see my previous tip. Now I am going to share the next secret .

The most evident fact about Facebook is that you always get banned. It’s like your favorite video-game at a hardcore difficulty with the only limit – there is no right to make mistakes. Facebook is insane about account blocks, but it is considered to be one of the best traffic sources nowadays. When you do wrong – your account is marked…

[Manual] How I farm FB accounts to run ads

Disabled 800k account ($100 to fix it)

My account got disabled a couple of days ago. I sent in a request to IG telling them they’ve made a mistake and they told me to send a picture of them with me holding a number. So I did, and this is what they said back to me:

Apparently, your account has been blocked. We block the accounts of Instagram, violate the terms of use. To actions that violate our Terms are:

– Re-Commission of prohibited actions after receiving one or more alerts from Instagram.

– Unwanted contacts with…

Disabled 800k account ($100 to fix it)

HELP – I need data Scraped

Hi I need a database scraped – at the moment there are four screens which you can click into with various information for each account – is there a way to scrape this?

Facebook does not approve any promotion on my page!

Hello guys,

My problem is this:

Whenever I try to promote a post on my page it’s never approved, it can even be a simple phrase with no wrong content. Any post I try to promote on that page is not approved. While promoting the same publications on another page, they are always approved. Any resolution for this? The page already has many likes so it’s important to promote again on the same page.

Best Regards.