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Admitad – it is affiliate network with payment on CPA. We help our partners to monetize traffic more profitable, and promote advertisers to get leads with many different tools and promo materials.
There are more than 50 affiliate programs for Europe/A…

Arabic movie income?

I want to start an Arabic movie website(I’m not arabic but I know arabic a little).How much can I earn from it per1000 visitors from Egypt.Has any one experience?

Quality over quantity? Web 2.0 question

I have low competiton keyword. What is better to do – 50 web 2.0s with single post and without tier 2 or 5 web 2.0 in each 3 posts and on tier 2 next 10 web 2.0s? Which of this methods will give more ‘fire power’ to website?

Looking For Link Builder VA

Hello All,

We are Looking For VA, Who Can do Link Building Tasks Like Web 2.0 Submission , Video Creation And Submission , Infographic Creation And Submission, And More.

We will Provide All Content and Details.

If Any One From India Interested, Plea…

Random hashtags generator

Hello guys,
I was thinking of this. To avoid shadowban and have always fresh collections of hashtags (within a specific niche) it would be great if there were an automatic generator. Is there any?

In particular, this is what I would like:
I write 50-60 words, I click on “generate” and the software write for me a random list, every time different.

Is there something like that? I know it would be very easy to do for a developer, but I am just a poor photographer :p


Few questions about SEO – I´m doing something wrong? – Seeking help from experts

Hi all guys.
First of all than you for reading my post.
I work at a startup, we threw a huge budget in adwords during 2 years. Despite I was the sysadmin I knew a little about what SEO is and always asked my bosses to start respecting it to promote our company, fucking investors who joined us decided SEO is not productive because it takes time while paid paganda works fast. We are already 2 years and half and their paid propaganda didn´t anything. Since half year I started SEO by myself, I…

Few questions about SEO – I´m doing something wrong? – Seeking help from experts

AdBlock and CPA marketing

Sometimes opinion leaders in CPA advertising state that AdBlock will ruine the whole CPA marketing in future & that it is a common hazard… but

The emergence of advertising blockers was a response to the overabundance of advertising on sites, and…