Botting/Growing Instagram advice needed

Hi guys,

I’m just wondering what kind of ratio do you use when first growing a small account.

One of my account has 1200 followers and 800 following.

Using follow/unfollow method

Should I keep my following less than my followers at the beginning or do you think it doesn’t matter?

Hope you can help.

Boost Post Engagements Cost. I need Help.

I have a post in my Facebook Page and i want to boost it with fb boost post engagements.
As target i make USA, UK, CA, AUS
As placement i make Feed News Only desktop and i disable Instagram and Audiance Network
As budget i make 5$ per day

But the bid suggested by fb ads is between 3$ et 5$

What am i doing wrong ?
And how can i get low cost ?

Others Viral sites realize a 0.01$ per engagement as a cost. But i don’t know how they make it ?

Mobile App Creation

Hey guys, maybe y’all can steer me in the right direction on something. I’ve been wanting to have an app built for awhile or even buy the script of Chupamobile. Here’s my problem, it’s a Flappy app. I know, I know it’s a dead horse. But I have a idea to make it different, at least with the character I want to bring the masses back in. My hangup is that no matter where I look it seems to be at least $300 per format, Android and iOS. Is it even possible to just have someone make it for me,…

Mobile App Creation

[METHOD] Learn How To Make Your First $100 Online

Everyday someone on BHW creates a topic stating he or she cannot earn a dime online.

What’s the right answer to those threads? Go work at McDonalds!

But today I felt gracious and decided to spend some time explaining what actually stands behind your inability to make money online and how to fix it. Don’t think this is another theory thread, I am going to give you the exact step-by-step instruction how to earn your first $100.

So… when you tell you cannot earn money online, what…

[METHOD] Learn How To Make Your First $100 Online

Is this service legit? Does it work?

TL;DR: is this service legit: negativeseoguy””.com/remove-ripoff-report-mugshot-negative-seo/ ? If not, any recommendations? (remove the “” to use link)

I would rather stay away from negative SEO, I know, I know.

But my most important client asked me about it urgently and I basically need a fast answer.
I need to remove 2 bad articles from 4 years ago from the first page, put them down as far as possible (from a moral stand point, he’s a nice guy and really doesn’t deserve the shit he’s…

Is this service legit? Does it work?

How To Get AdWords Clients

Dudes and pink girls, I would like your advice here.

I REALLY like doing AdWords for services Although CPC is usually high, the return is faster, more efficient and whatsoever than on/offpage seo. However, I nicely re-invest approx 10% of net income into linkbuilding.
(for affiliate stuff, it’s waste of money to do CPC, SEO or parasites is better there..)
No matter that, I’d really like to offer that to some clients.

As .de is some backward nation in all regards to “Da Internet” (youtube…

How To Get AdWords Clients