Someone to create a bot for youtube and Instagram


Im looking for someone to custom create a bot for my youtube and Instagram account.

I need it to follow/unfollow people
Like pictures and videos
Comment on videos and pics.

Anything else that will help bring traffic to both the Instagram and you…

FollowLiker – Anyone able to Follow without Problems?

I’m using FL Version 9.5.5.

I am running multiple accounts, so it’s not a one off, or two off, or 5 off. I’ts all the accounts that I’m handling.

Today, I noticed that I’m getting the following error on all accounts that I handle:
No more result for query: AccountToQuery [MyAccount1]

I stopped, restarted the Instance. Same error as above
I stopped, Optimized Data-Rebuild Project. restarted instance. Same error as above.
I created a brand new project, with a name never used. Same error as…

FollowLiker – Anyone able to Follow without Problems?

Different kind of journey (5 ideas a day)

Not your typical journey that is posted here but thought I’d share nonetheless.

I want to become an idea machine or just become really good at coming up with ideas and the only way anybody gets better at their craft is by doing it every day. So that’s what I’m going to do right, I’m going to come up with 5 ideas everyday…simple. The ideas will be anything from product ideas to stuff that is absolutely mental but not too mental. I will post them here on this post, each day. I will…

Different kind of journey (5 ideas a day)