How to get a refund for FL?

…In a form of chargeback via my Mastercard. 60 days have not yet passed since my purchase but they are about to. Do I have to contact my bank or Mastercard? Has anyone done the same yet and has a copy of the writing? Maybe it will be helpful for the …

Adding Bigger Keyword Volumes In Article

so when im going for low a volume keyword in the title will it help to use higher volume keywords in an article, one or several

like the titles monthly searches are 50, but theres keywords that are 5000, and i want to use it as like a heading in the a…

My products, your traffic – this could go somewehere

Hey i’m running an online store with handmade products, but sales are not going very well even if i have some traffic.

if is anybody interested in collaboration let me know.

I can give up to 15% commission p/sale for each product, or we can discuss about it.

Sorry if it’s the wrong section.

Instagram safety paranoia

Hello guys. Do you have any ideas how to overcome paranoia? by paranoia i mean this: im doing free followers niche with instagram atm, with 30 accs and i wanna scale it a lot , but i have paranoia that i will mess somethign up with bot settings/bio links/Proxy or i will leave any kind of footprings and so i can get massban in the future.So I really wanna become like an “expert” with all settings to be sure that my accs will stay for many months and it will be long-term. im buying ig accs…

Instagram safety paranoia

Amazon affiliate: other traffic sources than SEO?


I was wondering, all of the tutorials posted here since… all talking about traffic from Google but it takes time and rather expensive (links etc)
If I can upload a lot of quality content myself, and I wish not to have seo as my main traffic sou…

Journey to $5000+ a day dropshipping.


i started a store less than two weeks ago, and will be running this store to 5k+ plus a day.

Currently, the ad budget is $15 a day, will bump it up tomorrow to $30. Sales are also generated from cheap shout outs.

To do list:

Add more product…

Alternatives to Follow Liker?

I purchased a lifetime license in May for follow liker. I got an email saying they are now charging a $5.99 monthly fee. This is a joke and a scam. I am filing a Paypal dispute and looking for another software. NO way I’m giving them my business now.

Can anyone recommend or list some good alternative software for me to check out?
So far I came across Following Like, GramDominator, and Instadub. I would love to check out others.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.