If a new YouTube video rank flops 100%, when should one quit and move on?

Say I uploaded a video today and it does not see any rank improvements for a week or two, is it worth throwing more views/likes and trying to get it out of the YouTube sandbox. Or would I be better giving up and moving to the next video, when should you know to give up on a video, if you see N/A on your keyword tracking tool does that mean YouTube have banned it and how can you know if that’s even the case, I feel this is an important question and would really appreciate some good answers guys.

Looking for adwords experts


Looking for someone experienced with creating adwords accounts and running them. I made more than 500k with cpa, means I know which campaigns to use. You should know about vps, vcc and proper cloaking, if you do so contact me and it will be mor…

Peace to all, a beginner from Jordan

My name is ASHRAF
I’ve recently started my IM journey, looking for knowledge and a positive-like people
My aim is: building an online business (as a source for income) to build and support an offline project Love to learn, help and share …. KEEP GROWING

My best respect to all

What am I doing wrong?

I’m sure you have all seen these post a million times, but trust me, it’s for good reason. I’m desperate. I have struggled financially for the duration of my adult life. I’ve been trying extremely hard to make some extra income to help my family, with absolutely zero success.

About a month ago, I decided to suck it up, and try again. I decided that I was going to take a jab at an amazon affiliate site. I researched a niche keyword, built a site around it, and have optimized the SEO to…

What am I doing wrong?

BHW – 5 Years Experience. – Ups & Downs

Hi Guys,

I know many of you will move on to next thread after reading few lines as this one is going to be little boring, but its fine. I joined BHW in 2012. Met with some really cool guys. I was doing a job when i joined BHW and was making around $20…

i need help !!!


i have some questions about streaming movie niche ..

1-this niche is a long term project or not ? and why ?
2-what the best way to monetize these websites ?
3-if you’re working in this field how much you earn daily ?