{Help} xvideos problem

i tried uploading a video with domain name at the end of title and xvideos rejected it

they said something like a similar video has uploaded

i tried with a diff domain even edited the video a little bit and made it 1080p but still same rejection

if …

News about Dash cryptocurrency

Good time of day, Dear Friends!

I am Julin GYS, – Producer of the « World Of Internet Business » channel.
In this conversation I’ll show you video news on Dash cryptocurrency, and also provide you with other interesting and useful information on this digital money.

Why exactly Dash?
Because this cryptocurrency conquered my soul and heart, it has everything we need. Instant transactions., low fees and anonymity. I met with Dash when it cost $ 6, and I was very interested not only to watch…

News about Dash cryptocurrency

Indexing of HTTPS for HTTP site?

So I have a customer who complained about some non secure message that his customers have been telling him about. I checked out his site and turns out for some reason Google indexed his homepage as HTTPS even though he doesn’t have an SSL cert installed, nor can he install one with the current system that he uses (about a month to go on that project).

Is there any way to remove the homepage from being indexed as HTTPS? Has anyone else encountered this same issue? I did a site search on…

Indexing of HTTPS for HTTP site?

I honestly feel like giving up

I’ve worked in marketing online & offline for 9 years and have been made redundant got back on my feet to be made redundant again 4 months ago. I have done social media marketing and offline marketing for several small businesses since this, having maintaining some of the work I’ve been messed about and lost out on 3 more of these jobs.

Now I am struggling to get by and seriously wondering why I even bother.

I’ve spent 9 years improving other people’s accounts and neglected my own, I have…

I honestly feel like giving up

Fiverr.com hacks !

Does Anybody Knows ?
How Fiverr Works ?
they use Automatic Softwares which ranks gig in recommended .
and if you can get a good rank in recommended category .
you get Huge Orders .

Anyone knows Fiverr Hacks ?

Newby here

Hi everyone. Nice to be part of this great community. Hoping in learning new tricks and meeting the great people of this community.

newb great time

hi guys,

im relatively new to the online money making biz recently quit my shit corporate job putting all my marbles in making this work,

23, 3rd world country, my goal is 5k passive income a month (i tell myself its attainable but dont have friends irl making this so it still looks kinda foggy, i know plenty of you guys are making much more) for me that is enough to be able to wake up without worry fap, play video games and “chase my dreams” comfortably, i have a rough outline of income…

newb great time