Pinterest and money

Hello BHW!!
I have a pinterest fashion page about women with 2700 followers . i am active on it and i pin everyday and im still getting new followers everyday . is there a way to make some money from ?? or no ? please help me get some ideas . i need yo…



I am doing shoutouts on my oage. But it’s hard to get new customers. What are your ways to contact new followers and how you find potential new customers?

Do you DM them one by one? If so, how you know that the person you contacted could be a potential customer?

Are there other ways besides DM people.

Do you use more than your main account to get mew customers?

Amazon Affiliate Link Cloaking

Hey guys,

Hope you doing beyond well!

i started adding the amazon affiliate links to my review site, but then i noticed that when i inspect the element of the buy buttons of the “big boys” in my niche i see that they have additional code as well.

is this some kind of cloaking, is there a script you might have or can i just copy their script but insert my data.

sorry if this question is dumb, today is the first time that i even noticed that they don’t just use the normal amazon affiliate…

Amazon Affiliate Link Cloaking

Hello and good day. Looking to get started in Affiliate Marketing

I’m a complete newbie to internet marketing and Affiliate marketing. Fear not!! lol… I’m not here to ask stupid or annoying questions. I have been spending a considerable amount of time researching affiliate marketing and the basics of it. Of course no one who ever starts gets in the business to be broke and do it the dumb way. This is pretty much the step by step idea I have in my head about how to go through with this. I am writing this step by step list to purposely get guidance on what…

Hello and good day. Looking to get started in Affiliate Marketing

Mass account bot creator

As tittle says i am looking for a good bot that can make tons of accounts with proxy supported. Been looking for a while, but with no success. Can you guys recommend something?

Thanks in advance!

LIST of 500 Blogs in Health Niche accepting Guest Posts

I know lots of you boys and girls work in health niche. Just go here and press this image to download the Excel file. Yeah, it’s my wifey again. This list from January just before the last Google PR update so PR info may not be true, but who cares, you will see that blogs are genuine. There is another list there so don’t be confused, you just have to PRESS THIS IMAGE once you’re there
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Dropped/expiring foreign domains for PBN query

Been on the hunt for good dropped/expiring foreign domains lately. Client is adamant on finding only domains from the country where the PBN will be used (french domains for french keywords for example.) Is there a site/service that specializes on foreign domain drop catching? Or is there a better route like finding good domains (irrelevant to the niche) and just building them with the language you’re targeting?

Email account generator

I am looking for a app on android that will auto generate gmail, yahoo or email accounts automatically. All i can find is temp email services. Any help is appreciated.

Free Instagram Landing page?

Is anyone have downloaded (or created) working landing page for Instagram?
I found one, but the some files in archive are broken.

I’m talking about something like this (or more simply):

I will use LP with OGads Content Locker and I will be very thankful, if someone help me!
Please, without hate in this thread.

Thank you in advance, cheers! ;)