Seeing Very Poor Conversion Rate on CPA Offers Running on Twitter

Hey All,

I have been running popular CPA offers on Twitter for many months (not email submits, but legit credit card purchases).

Mon-Fri this was week was the worst ever for conversions.. lots of customer visits to the offer page, but almost no conversions. Probably my worst week ever working with Twitter traffic (including my 1st wk).

Anyone else seeing super low CVR this wk?

Saw some notes this wk on Twitter “improving” their user interface, changing which browsers open on links (I…

Seeing Very Poor Conversion Rate on CPA Offers Running on Twitter

Amazon Affiliate problem, what should I do?

SO I have Amazon affiliate site where I have some products. Description and photos are from Amazon website and there is button BUY ON AMAZON, after clicking the user is redirected to the Amazon website as usual, easy.

But I have received email from sc…

1000 in litecoin & made 12K$

Hi Guys One of My Friend Told ME that He Invested In LiteCoin 1K$ Last Week & Now He is in 12K$
I Did not Beleive This :eek: He Bought in 22 and it’s now in 33$ ,
Can You Guys Provide The Method To Calculate This ROI ;

Buy account from european

As my account has been suspended, I’m going to create new account with your name.
So you should not have account now. I prefer european accounts and site is UPWORK.COM
I’ll pay around $100 per account.


Bot for AddMeFast

Greatings to all BHW members

My name is Denis and i’m a ruby developer. I have been a member of BHW since 2011 and i never was an active user. Usually i just read and learn something new from experience of other guys.

But today i would like to share with all you guys, one of mine personal bot for AddMeFast.
I’ve made it few weeks ago, just for practice of my developing skills. I have test it and get more than 25K points in few days so i think i may be usefull for somebody.

I know, many of…

Bot for AddMeFast