PSA: SERPStat Lifetime access ends in 5 days

I know a lot of people kicked themselves for missing out on their lifetime access deal back in… December was it? January?

Anyway, they’ve got a post up on Stack Social where you can buy lifetime access for $35 (actually just $31). Comes with:

PSA: SERPStat Lifetime access ends in 5 days

Review Needed for Blog Post Service

Hello buddies

Review copy for first 10 members

I will provide 2 PBN post links and be expecting the detailed review

Just post here, I will send you PM for further process

Here My BST –…

How to properly price a software product?

Hello, I hope this is the right forum for this question.

I’ve developed a software product, long story short – I’m basically ready to release it and I’m having second thoughts on pricing.

It’s a niche industry-specific B2B product, I haven’t found any competitors per se, in that no one is offering this exact same service.

Most articles on product pricing basically say to include your costs plus a reasonable profit margin, which is more than obvious. Hosting expenses being close to 0, all…

How to properly price a software product?

Selling Amazon Affiliates Website on Flippa? What do I list it for?

Hi guys,

I have an amazon affiliate website its 4-5 mo old and makes around $50-100/ mo and around 20K words of original content.

One of the KW’s is ranking #1 on google and thats the main source of revenue.

It isnt very high but I see websites going on flippa for 20X their revenue lol thought it jump in on it ^_^

For those of you who flip websites, what do you think a site like that would sell for ?

Thanks !

Remove watermarks and logos from any video


There is a software Remove Logo Now google it and download it

How to remove watermark from it

1. Import Files

After launch the Remove Logo Now software, import the files you would like to edit, by clicking on ‘Add Files’ icon.

2. Remove Logo with Marker Tool

Hello Im new


I have been on this forum for a long time now but have never registered as an user.

Hopefully I can share some knowledge of my own and get the chance to meet interesting people.

I was sick for a long time and that is why I could not work onli…