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Cpanels,Shells,RDPs,SMTP,Mailers Ava…


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It looks like RankerX recommends 2Captcha. That’s fine but how do US residents pay. My Visa does not allow any transactions in Russia. Webmoney is Russian.

How do I pay these guys?

Or should I look for an alternative captcha solving service?

Those are the payments accepted by 2Captcha. Which will cost me the least to use? You can’t find out without signing up so I am hoping someone can tell which is the best one. OR what is a comparable service to 2Captcha…



Hi! My name is Lance. Found this site when I’m searching for Instagram scraper.

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2017 YouTube Ranking with BUYING VIEWS + UNLISTED METHOD still works?

I (we all) know YouTube did some changes with it’s algorithm and many of you (I also) will say that buying views and unlisted method will not work anymore. But than comes this channel (and many other channels) UCMxJK7h0LuC2if5vpgJePdA and denies it all with the usage of this method.

So, are we missing something extra to this old method or we are just unlucky?

Facebook friend adder, request accepter, Autolike all in one software {Get free license)!

Tired of managing facebook accounts?

Now you can manage all of your facebook accounts with one click

Created a new software called ” Facebook Auto manager” for this purpose!

Module included:

  1. Facebook Friend Adder
  2. Facebook Friend request Accepter
  3. Facebook Autolike

Facebook Friend Adder:

  • Automatically send friend request to people who have friends in common…

Facebook friend adder, request accepter, Autolike all in one software {Get free license)!