Hi Guys

Hello Guys,

I’m a new member and so happy to join BHW.
I want to learn knowledge from you. I hope i will gain among BHW. ;)

Thanks in advance!

Anyone own a local business?

I own a good business online and wondering if anyone has experience with local businesses. We have the advantage over most for proper seo knowledge.

Any profitable businesses you own in your area? I was looking into a cleaning business, but decided a…

How to really grow your Twitter following (easy)

Twitter drives relatively high quality targeted traffic and it can be valuable to your business. One of the biggest issues is that simply following people isn’t as effective as it is on say, Instagram. You are going to want followers who retweet your stuff and interact with you.

Go to a page that is in your niche but bigger than you. Go through their tweets and follow the people who retweet their stuff. Then you are going to want to interact with people. Go through your feed and respond to…

How to really grow your Twitter following (easy)

[JOURNEY] PBN content writer service

Hello, I am looking at starting a niche / PBN blog writing service. I am a customer of some here and have noticed certain PBNs are not updated regularly. I have seen similar order forms amongst various merchandisers and I am wanting to get started. Wh…

I tell you how to scrape FB Groups, you tell me about emails.

Hello everyone,

Some time ago i had a lot of sucess with scraped emails from segmented FB groups + Cold email with test a/b

The method is easy and i bet many ppl already know, ok.

But for extract from groups i use grouply tool, i used to get emails with hunter.io but now is down.
I tried snovio but with no sucess, cuz tool is down.

Anyone can help me in the second step?
OBS: Most of tools use “Company” for get email, i cant because my public dont have company yet.

After get full name,…

I tell you how to scrape FB Groups, you tell me about emails.