How I made website portfolios that win better paying clients

I have been a freelance web designer for more than 10 years and I’ve seen many new good designers struggling to get proper clients due to the lack of credibility and portfolio. I understand that new designers are desperate for clients and find it hard to charge higher rates due to price competitions from low level designers.

What I’m going to share is a simple method for designers who need a credible portfolio to get better paying clients. This method has made me land deals with 2 big…

How I made website portfolios that win better paying clients

Instagram, killing my account?

First of all sorry about my english.

I started my account 1 year ago (february 2016), numbers grow fast untill 118k…

October 90k followers 1,000,000 impressions, 300k people reach.
December 119k, 3,000,000 impressions, 500k people reach.

[Method]: I made $1500+ in 10 days to pay loan of a Gangster

I was in need of exactly $1000.:cool:

My blogs were just giving me piece of shit. Maybe because i never worked on it.



I don’t have job and I need to have $1000 to pay someone or he would kill me for not paying his money.. In my country $1k is a huge amount… The person from which i get 1k$ was the gangster of the city.. So i was a…

[Method]: I made $1500+ in 10 days to pay loan of a Gangster

Step By Step – Unnatural Links Manual Action Removal Guide Inside


Let’s start with the basics and the main reason why penalties exist in the first place – link building. This is one of the most widely spread SEO techniques. It is used for improving your site’s ranking and traffic. Links, as one of the most important ranking factors, count as votes for the site they point to. The idea is to create links…

Step By Step – Unnatural Links Manual Action Removal Guide Inside

Proxies not working on my vps


I’ve bought actproxy proxies and 1 gb ram vps from spinvps. I tried setting up one of the proxies on firefox on my vps and it wouldn’t work.

This is what it returns with,

The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL:

Access Denied.

Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

Same with every other site.

Proxies not working on my vps

Warning: #Follow4Follow is restricted

Yeterday I post a status contain hashtag #Follow4Follow #FollowBack #FollowTrain #FollowTricks. My account was blocked immediatly. Fortunately I can recover by email. But the post was gone.

So I think the hashtag are restricted now. Don’t try it.

Need ioncube decoding

Hi guys, I know this question has been asked many times before. However that was a long time ago and these threads are ancient.

I have ioncube encoded files, which I want decoded. I need to check if there are no strange things in it. The usual free decoding stuff won’t work.

Can someone help me out here?
Thanks, Mike

Found a huge exploit in a sportsbook (advice?)

Basically odds on a certain sports book are so messed up I can run multiple arbitrage betting cycles to rinse them out of several thousand to low tens of thousands of $$$$ a day.

I’ve tried with a little money at first and nothing was detected. Thinking of increasing amounts now to several hundred per arb then thousands.

I think the problem is with their software provider.

Wondering what people would advice. Should I keep trying my luck?

This is almost certainly a mistake on their behalf.