Cards for mining

Hi guys!
What are the new cards for mining?
I use Radeon px 480 and 580. I heard that new ones came out, but I do not know which are the most running ones. Please tell me who is in the topic.

US Suppliers for Amazon FBA

Hello Guys, hope everyone is fine

A guy in a facebook group share a post about a US supplier who can label and ship you items to Amazon warehouses, and also they offer listing for you on your Amazon seller account!!

So, anyone know about this!! because the guy don’t want to share it for now because he say he is working on a partnership with them

Thank you

Tywin Lannister Edited Quote

A business that puts money and customers first will always defeat the business that puts the whims and wishes of the world and its employees first.

Was watching some GOT, and it just hit me. I had to share somewhere

Journey to 1000$/day with movie website

Hello everyone.
I’m working on IM for over 2 years now in movies niche.
I am planing to get this year to 1000$/day.
Currently the maximum i made was yesterday 111.03$ in a single day.
All with a new website i made about 3 weeks ago and put ads on it 5 days ago.
I use only SEO for traffic so i belive the website will easly generate over 1000$/day in a few months.

For ads I am using download and watch now buttons from Ad-Center

If someone want to try ad-center just send me your email on PM…

Journey to 1000$/day with movie website

Can You Smell It?

Play this song while reading this to really engross yourself into what I have been feeling for the last few days:

As the first chilly breeze sweeps through the horizon, death’s colden embrace fills the sky.

The moving organisms scatter, disorganized, disoriented, disillusioned.

As the crisp enters their bodies, it rapidly disintegrates all what was built for so very long.

The bonds that have festered for ages, broken.

A peaceful utopia, crumbling…

Can You Smell It?

Wow, My Dad Told Me I’m A Failure Yesterday At Our Family Gathering

In front of 2 of my uncles, that I’ll never amount to anything. The whole family was visiting and he was trying to embarrass me. I just scoffed at him. Shocked, my dad asked what’s so funny, my future was on the line. “Well…you see, Father” I said as dad prepared to laugh at my answer, rebuttal at hand. “I watch Rick and Morty.”

The went so silent you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was shocked, they merely watch pleb shows like the big bang theory to feign…

Wow, My Dad Told Me I’m A Failure Yesterday At Our Family Gathering

(little giveaway) Real em4il addres5 FB

Hey guys,

I want to do little giveaway, just like the title of this thread and I’m sorry not make a right words because I dont want this thread get indexed on google.

Just reply on this thread I will PM you, I will try extract real from fb g.r.o.u.p.s and whoever I will PM please prepare 20 uid fb g.r.o.u.p.s.

NB :
Dont expect you will get all email members from fb g.r.o.u.p.s.

For mod :
If this thread violate TOS on this forum , please closed this thread.

Thank you.